Monday, December 19, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 9 - Part 2

Sofia hurried the kids out of the store, while Chloe and Gavin, the biker, went looking for Luke and Rob. A zombified Roy and one of his lackeys stood clawing at the office door. Gavin smashed their skulls in clearing the way. Chloe opened the office door to find Luke and Robin tied to chairs looking freaked out. As she untied them Luke explained how Denny had gotten bit when Roy had let them in. While putting Denny in the freezer the others had gotten scratched and everything had gone downhill from there. Overnight all four guys had turned into zombies. The doors had been damaged at the same time and gave as the zombies outside had banged on them.
They made their way through the dark store out to where Sophia and the kids waited. Several people she had never seen before hung around a huge monster looking bus. One of the women turned and Chloe gasped, “April?”
“Oh my god, Chloe.” April rushed toward her, hugging her fiercely. “I told you, Topher saved me.” Letting go she pointed through the milling people to where Topher stood with the older woman who had come to their rescue. “You’re so lucky Mica convinced Piper to stop. We’re on our way to some podunk town in the mountains. Where have you been staying?”
“With Luke and his family.” She smiled up at Luke, who stood next to her his arm around her waist. “He save me.”
April sighed, and smiled. “You should come with us.”
Chloe began to reply but Sophia suddenly bursting into tears stopped her. “Damn he told her,” Luke muttered.
“Told her what?”
“The entire farm burned down.”
“No. The whole thing? How?”
“We couldn’t put out the barn, and the wind caused it to spread to the house, then the trailer. Everything's gone.”
“What are we going to do?”
Luke gave her a squeeze and shrugged. “Don’t know.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

Monday, December 12, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 9 - Part 1

Chapter 9
A loud crash echoed through the empty store. Chloe fought down the urge to panic. “Sofia can you climb?”
“What?” Sofia asked, a hint of hysteria in her voice.
Chloe nodded toward the shelves, “Do you think you could climb up the shelves? I think the doors just gave and we need to get the kids safe.”
Sofia’s face hardened, “I’ll be fine. RJ help your sister up those shelve get as high as you can.”
RJ did as he was told as Chloe and Sofia bundled up the babies. “Climb up and I’ll hand Suzi to you. RJ can climb up the other side and take Johnny, I’ll follow him.”
Sofia nodded and scrambled up the shelves to where Maria sat, the Chloe scaled a few with one hand to boost the baby up. Then did the same on the other side handing Johnny to RJ before clambering up herself. She settled on the shelf with the baby,  it was quiet except for Maria’s sobbing and the shuffling of many feet. Something toppled, and then the first of several stumbling figures appeared at the end of the aisle.
Sophia let out a ear piercing scream, which set the babies to crying. Chloe scanned the shelf they sat on, looking for something heavy to drop on the creatures below them. “RJ see if you can find something that will crush skulls to drop.” He nodded, on his hands and knees began shoving things aside looking for heavy items. “I’d give anything for a crate of bowling balls right about now.” Chloe muttered under her breath looking at the crowd of decaying bodies under them, while trying to hush the hysteric baby in her arms.
Suddenly Sofia yelled, “Help!”
Looking down, she saw two women and a large biker looking guy throw themselves at the crowd of zombies. Gore flew as they smashed the creatures heads. Chloe watched the younger woman look down and smash something near her feet. The older girl grabbed her arm and yanked the younger one away, running away from the fight. The guy gave them one quick look then took out the few zombies left. Once the creatures had all stopped moving, he looked up and called, “You can come down now.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 8 - Part 2

The sound of a struggle roused Chloe from the half doze she’d fallen into on a pile of blankets on the floor. Sofia and Maria were sleeping on the bed, while RJ sat nearby reading a comic he’d found. Getting to her feet Chloe checked on the babies who were awake but content for the moment. Moving to the end of the aisle she peered around the shelves. Not seeing anyone she moved slowly toward the sound of fighting and a pale light. Seeing Roy and two other men, she ducked behind a pile of boxes and squated down peeking around the side to watch. The weasley looking guy was bound and gagged struggling in front of the other men. His eyes had that milky white shade to them and he kept trying to bite through the gag.

“I can’t believe you were stupid enough to get yourself bit, Denny.” Roy said, shaking his head. “Put him in the freezer, maybe we can use him.” The other two guys grabbed the tied up one and dragged him off. “Now to deal with our new guests.” Roy said, heading in the opposite direction.
Chloe quietly followed after Roy as he walked toward the office, as he entered she saw Luke and Robin tied up. Stifling a gasp, she turned to head back to the others. Another noise made her pause the sound of many hands banging on the metal doors.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 8 - Part 1

Chapter 8
Roy stood at the end of their makeshift prison, an aisle between two storage shelves blocked at one end with a palette of something still wrapped. They had gone to the trouble of setting up a crib and twin bed, a box of baby supplies sat next to the crib. “I’m sure this is only temporary, ladies. Once Rob and Luke get our note, they’ll come and negotiate for you. I figure with the kids you're not going to get any funny ideas about trying to escape, be pretty hard with the babies anyway. I’ll have one of the guys bring some toys for Maria, and see what’s around to keep RJ from getting bored.” He turned to go then turned back. “I’m trying to make this as easy as possible for all of us. Robin and Luke are smart reasonable men, I’m sure we’ll be able to come to an agreement quickly. Let me know if you need anything.”
Chloe bit her lip on a terse reply and scooped a fussy Johnny from his car seat. After Roy had left Sofia sank down on the bed. “This is a nightmare, right?”
“I wish. Here I think the little guy is hungry.” Chloe handed the squirming baby to Sofia who sighed. Maria hopped up on the bed next to her mom, tears streaming down her little face.
“This sucks.” RJ muttered sinking to the floor. “We should have fought him somehow.”
Chloe ignored him and removed the sleeping Suzi from her car seat slipping her into the crib. A noise at the end of the aisle caught her attention and she saw the weasley looking guy from before holding a box coming toward them. Not wanting him to see Sofia feeding the baby she moved to intercept him.
The creep leered at her, “bet you’re rethinking that offer now, ain't cha?”
Taking the box she glared up at him, “Not really.”
“Oh come on. Now we’ll have the farm and you are going to get stuck with this place. I’m sure we could find a way for you to earn your keep.”
“I’d rather take my chances with the zombies.”
His grin fell, “That could be arranged.”
Chloe watched him storm off before turning and carrying the box of toys over to the others.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 7 - Part 1

Chapter 7
Chloe hummed softly rocking baby Suzi. She’d traded Luke’s couch for Sofia and Rob’s becoming a live in nanny for the kids, while Sofia recovered.
“You’re a natural.” Sofia murmured sitting up in the bed.
Chloe laughed lightly, “Natural aunt maybe.” Standing she placed the sleeping infant in her crib. “Can I get you anything?”
Sofia shook her head, biting her lip. “Thank you Chloe, I don’t know what we would have done if you weren’t here. Rob told me how you’ve been helping with the kids and house. I really appreciate it.”
“Please, it’s the least I can do since you guys took me in.” Chloe checked on Johnny before moving to the door. “Get some rest. Dinner will be ready in a bit.”
Nodding Sofia laid back down as Chloe left the room, shutting the door behind her. Turning to walk down the hall, she bumped into Luke.
“Just the person I was looking for.” Placing his hands on her hips he gently pushed her back toward the opposite end of the hall.
“What are you doing?” She asked as her back bumped into the bathroom door. “I have to check on dinner.”
“It’ll be ok for a minute.” Leaning down he kissed her, wrapping her arms around his neck she kissed back. When he finally broke away, he leaned his forehead against her’s. “I’ve missed having you sleeping on the couch. It’s really quiet over there without your cute little snore.”
Chloe smacked him on the back of the head playfully. “I do not snore.”
He grinned, “yes, you do.” Before she could reply he captured her lips again.
Behind them, came a loud, “ahem.”
Luke jerked up looking over his shoulder, and Chloe peeked around him. Rob stood in the hallway next to Sofia’s door, looking half amused and half annoyed. “Guys I get it hard to find privacy but, come on, no making out where the kids could see.”
“Sorry, Rob.” Chloe murmured, slipping out of Luke’s arms. “I need to check on dinner.” She almost ran down the hall, her face blazing red. Behind her she could hear Luke giving Rob hell for interrupting them and smiled. In the kitchen she pulled the chicken lasagna from the oven, as she was setting it on the stove she glanced out the window. A reddish yellow light catching her attention she moved to the sink, leaning toward the window to get a better look. Beyond the yard she could see flames licking up the side of the barn. “Luke, Rob get out here the barns on fire!”
Rob was the first one in the kitchen, stepping up beside her to look out the window. “Oh no.” He bolted to the door with Luke on his heels. They slammed out the door, Chloe watched the dark shadows race across the yard toward the barn. As much as she wanted to help she couldn’t leave the kids alone in the house, and Sofia wasn’t up to dealing with this type of crisis.
Behind her a little voice said, “Chlo-weee.”
“Yeah, Hon.” Chloe replied turning toward Maria and froze. Roy stood in the doorway to the hall with Maria in front of him a gun pointed at her head.
“Hi Chlo-wee,” he mocked grinning at her. “I need you to go get Sofia, RJ and those precious little babies"
“Why? You are pretty well set up at the Wal-mart, what could you want with us?”
Roy grinned, “We want to trade, you all for this place. It’s self sufficient, the Wal-mart ain’t.”
 “Sofia’s just had twins, Roy. She can’t get up.”
He scoffed, “My old lady was up and bitching an hour after having our kids. Sofia’s had a few days to recoup, she’ll be fine. Go get her and the others, or the little gal here gets plugged.”
“Chlo-wee…” Maria wailed, tears streaming down her little face.
“Shh, Maria, don’t worry honey.  I’ll go get everybody.” She moved toward the door and Roy guided Maria out of the way not removing the gun from her head.
“You have 5 minutes. To get Sofia an’ RJ out here and the babies in car seats.”
“Ok.” Stepping into the hall she yelled, “RJ Get down here I need your help.” There was a door bumping open upstairs then the thump of footsteps running down the stairs. He appeared a moment later. “Go in the kitchen and don’t do anything stupid.”
With a confused look he did as she told him. She heard him give a surprised noise then Roy say something she couldn’t make out. Sending up a silent prayer that everything was going to be ok, she moved to Sofia’s room. Opening the door she found Sofia sitting up with a look of alarm.
“What’s going?”
“The barns on fire, and Roy is kidnapping us. We have five minutes to get you dressed and the babies in their car seats or… you don’t want to know.”
Sofia threw back the covers and struggled to her feet. “He threatened my kids.”
“Get Suzi and Johnny together, while I get dressed.” Sofia got up and moved painfully to the dresser. “I’m going to rip that man apart.” She muttered as she pulled clothes from the drawers.
Chloe grabbed up a piece a paper and jotted down a note, before taking some warm clothes and dressed the babies before tucking them into the car seats. In less than five minutes Chloe was following Sofia out of the room with a car seat in each hand.
“Very good, Ladies.” Roy said as they entered the kitchen. “I’ve had RJ wrap up dinner to go. It looks like that fire we started is a little bit more than your guys can handle. This makes it pretty easy for us. There’s a car waiting outside for you all to get into, do it quick and quietly.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Author's Note: Sorry

So you've probably noticed I've been AWOL since around April. I've been stuck and haven't even written but a few words until this week. Chapter 7 is coming out tomorrow but don't get to excited as I have no idea when the rest of the book will be written. Although I do have an idea of where everything is going. So that's a plus, I'm going to try and get my act together and have this done by the end of the year. Yet who knows if that will happen.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Author's Notes: Writer's Block

So as you probably got from the title I have a bad case of writer's block. I was on a roll, hitting my goal for getting you guys a post a week and then bam! nada. That little cursor is blinking mocking me, I tried a couple exercises that sometimes help, nope. I know where I want to go, but the words just aren't there at the moment. As much as it disappoints me to do so, I'm going to take a step back and work on some other projects that have been pestering. Maybe once I get that out of my system I'll be able to come back and get back to work.