Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Survivalista- Book 1: Indiana- Chapter 2- Part 1

Chapter 2- Part 1
Indiana relaxed her grip on the steering wheel as her tires hit actual asphalt. Twenty minutes of rutted gravel roads left her wondering if her shocks were going to hold out. Houses began to appear sparsely, then more frequently. Only a few more minutes before she could climb into a hot shower. Spending a weekend at her dad's survival school didn't bother her any more than a couple weeks roughing it. But she still enjoyed the modern comforts, and would trade her sleeping bag for a comfy bed any day.
Turning at the light, she headed into town. The roads were empty. Granted, it was the beginning of March and the snow was knee deep, but usually weekends brought tourists. Even with the huge snow banks, there were usually hikers, skiers, all sorts of outdoorist flocking to the Adirondacks.
Pulling into the drive way, she was happy her mother had decided to stay at the survival school another day. Now she had the entire house to herself all night. Her dad was going to be at the school all week with the trainees.
After unloading the Jeep, she climbed into the shower, only to have to jump out again when her phone rang. Hastily wrapping a towel around herself, she grabbed the cell off her night stand where it had been charging.
“Susie, this had better be good.”
“Why haven't you been answering your phone?”
“There is zero to nil reception at the school, you know that. Why?”
“Turn on the TV.”
Indie picked up the remote and turned on her television. A news report filled the screen, with a warning message scrolling across the bottom.
“Citizens are warned not to eat any meat products. A terrorist organization has tainted meat distributors throughout the United States. All over the country hospitals are overwhelmed and there have been multiple deaths in relation to the attacks.”
Susie's voice rang in her ear. “Indie, are you watching? It's crazy. People are freaking out.”
“Wow! I have to contact my dad and the others at the school. I'll call you back.” Before Susan could protest, Indiana ended the call. Tossing on a pair of yoga pants and tank top, she raced to her dad's home office.
Praying someone would be near the school's office, she turned on the CB. “Calling Pigeon Survival School. This is the Survivalista, we got an EMRC, come back.”
Since she was little, Indie and her dad had used the CB to talk when he was at the school. Over the years they had developed their own codes and language.
“Survivalista, Yogi here. What's EMRC?”
“Yogi, where's Papa Bear?”
“Go get him, now!”
“All right. Give me a minute.”
The radio crackled and Indie waited impatiently. The trainees at the school had no way of knowing what was going on. They'd want to get home and make sure their families were okay.
“Survivalista, Papa Bear here. What's going on?”
“Papa Bear, the TV says that there was a terrorist attack on meat distributors. People are getting sick. You might want to let the trainees go.”
“Did you say meat?”
“Yeah terrorists, tainted meat.”
“All right can you get some more info and get back to me. Put the B.O.B's in the jeep and some supplies if it gets worst head back. Keep the hand held on you all time.”
“Understood, Papa Bear.”
“Be careful, baby.”
“I will, Survivalista out.”
“Papa Bear, out.”
Indiana hung up the microphone. Going to the cabinet, she grabbed the hand held radio and clipped it to her pants. She threw on some jeans and sweatshirt in her room, then took the bug-out-bag from her closest. Getting two more from her mom and dad's room, she put all three in the jeep. Back in the house, she entered the office and pulled out a plastic gun case and placed a few guns in it, then added it to the back seat of her vehicle. Lastly she went to the pantry and pulled out a box of M.R.E.s and put them with the other stuff. Maybe she was jumping the gun, so to speak, but if the shit hit the fan she could bolt.
Heading back into the house she flicked on the TV and picked up her cell. Flopping on the couch she dialed Susan. “Hey Susie.”
“Hey you on your way back up to the school?”
“No I'm still home. Keeping an eye on things, I guess.”
“Oh.” There was a thick pause. “Can I come over?”
“Sure. Will it be okay with your mom?”
“Since she's in the hospital, I don't think it will be a problem.”
“Oh. Sorry.”
“You didn't know, but they’re not letting anyone in so I'm stuck here with AJ and he's driving me nuts. He drove all the way up here when he found out about mom.”
Indie grinned, knowing Susie's love/ hate relationship with her brother. “All right then see you in a few.”
She started to place the phone on the table, then changed her mind and called Ryan. As the phone rang she watched the news.
Doctors hadn't been able to diagnose the exact cause but it seemed to be some sort of mutated Ebola virus. Symptoms could appear anywhere from one to twenty-four hours after ingesting tainted meat product. They included fever, chills, nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and headaches. If not treated immediately it can cause disorientation and finally a coma, and death.
“Hello.” Ryan answered.
“Hey, I just wanted to make sure you're okay.” Indie replied, still watching the TV.
“We're all fine here. You know Mom and Dad don't eat anything unless they grow it or kill it.”
“Yeah they're like my dad in that aspect.”
“Good thing, too. Most the town is in the hospital with whatever this virus is. Hang on.”
She heard muffled talking, then he was back. “Hey, my parents want to know if the family could wait this out at the school?”
“Not my call. Your Dad can raise the school on channel eighteen.”
“Ok.” He relayed the message. “Are you heading back up?”
“Only if it gets worst, Dad has me on recon.”
“Oh. Want some company?”
Indie smiled, “Susan's coming over, but if you want...”
“Wait, is she the one who calls me Hottie Hillbilly?”
“Then I'll see you at the school.”
Indie laughed. “All right. See you.” Pushing the end button on her cell, she tossed it on the coffee table.

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