Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Survivalistas- Book 1: Indiana - Chapter 1- Part 2

Chapter 1- Part 2
Indiana dropped her backpack next to the door as she entered the house. If the stupid thing got any heavier she was going to have permanent back damage. It seemed like the further into the year the more work the teachers gave her. With a sigh she kicked off her shoes, then headed toward the kitchen.
As she walked passed her dad's office, he popped his head out. “We still going to the gun club after dinner?”
“No!” Her mother wailed from the kitchen. “I wanted to take you shopping.”
Indie looked toward her dad, who shrugged as if to say, it's your call. If it really was up to her, she'd grab a pint of Ben and Jerry's Heath Bar Crunch ice cream and the Molly Harper book she was reading, and crawl into bed.
“Mom, Dad and I planned last week to go the range.” Indie said, stepping into the kitchen. “We can go shopping next weekend.”
The pout on her mother's perfect lips left Indie wondering for a moment who was the parent and who was the child. Times like these she felt like a rope being pulled in two different directions. She decided to switch tactics, going with something her mother could understand. “Mom, Todd and I broke up. I really feel like blasting something right now.”
“Oh, sweetie.” Tera bustled around the counter and enveloped her in a big hug. “Fine, rifle therapy tonight then retail therapy when we get back Sunday.”
“Thanks, Mom. So what's for dinner?”
“Dad made venison stew.”


Pulling into the gun club’s parking lot, Indiana smiled, seeing a familiar blue ford truck. “Ryan's here.”
“Oh yeah.” Her dad eased the ATV to a stop. “Don't do something stupid just because you and Todd broke up.”
“Thanks for the confidence, Dad.”
“Don't take that tone with me, young lady. You know what I mean, Ryan's a good kid. But rebounds don't make good relationships.”
Indie rolled her eyes. “Ryan and I are just friends.” She undid her seat belt and pushed open the car door. “Besides I don't need another boyfriend right now.” Yanking open the back door of the ATV, she took her gun case off the seat. She kicked the door shut and followed her dad into the clubhouse. A few guys sat around the table inside.
“Hey Dan, Princess.”
Indie grinned, “Hey Mr.Anderson.” He'd called her Princess ever since she'd worn ballerina flats to her hunters training class. The entire class had to listen to a five minute lecture on proper hunting footwear. “Dad, I'll be out on the range.”
“Sure hon.” He waved her out and turned to talk to the men.
Her grin turned into a full on smile when she saw Ryan standing at a booth on the field. His dark shaggy hair ruffled in the breeze as he fired the twenty-two tucked against his broad shoulder. She waited off to the side until he set the empty gun aside, pulled off his ear protection, and reeled in his target.
“You're getting better.”
Ryan jumped, spinning around to look at her. A goofy grin spread across his face. “Hey you shouldn't sneak up on a guy with a gun.”
Indie chuckled. “I didn't sneak, you just didn't hear me.” She put her case on the counter in the next booth. Flicking the latches, she pulled it open.
“Is that the new one?” Ryan asked, coming up beside her.
“Mmm, I need to get her adjusted.”
“Her?” He picked up the gun, raising his eyebrow.
“It's pink, of course it's a girl.”
Ryan chuckled, setting the shotgun back down as she fished out her eye and ear protection. “So I heard you broke up with Todd.”
“It was amicable. And how'd you hear? It only happened a few hours ago.”
He shrugged. “Bad news travels fast.”
“I wouldn't qualify it as bad news.” She tugged her ear protection on, signaling an end to their conversation. Picking up the shotgun, she loaded it and chambered a round. She tugged it to her shoulder, zeroed in on her target and pulled the trigger.

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