Friday, October 4, 2013

The Survivalistas - Book 1: Indiana - Prologue


“Happy birthday, baby.”
“Thanks, Mom,” Indiana murmured, flipping through the gift cards and spa certificate.
“I noticed your outfits were a little last season, sweetie.”
Indiana forced a smile, knowing her mom well enough to hear a shopping spree in those words. Her father harrumphed and pushed several boxes toward her.
“Open mine now, Pumpkin.”
Indie picked up a small one on top and ripped at the camouflage paper. As a pink skeletonized handle appeared, she groaned silently. Great, another knife. “Cool, an Izula.”
“I saw you eyeballing mine.”
Setting it aside, she forced another smile and pulled the bigger box close. As she stripped off the paper, the word Remington appeared. Flipping open the box, she found a twenty gauge shotgun with a pink mossy oak stock.
“I thought it would look good in the gun rack of your new Jeep,” her dad said, grinning like the Cheshire Cat as he danged a set of keys in front of her.
“A Jeep!” Indie squealed, clapping her hands together. “Wait, it's not pink, is it?'”
Her parents laughed.
“No, hon, it's not pink.” Her mom leaned closer, whispering loudly. “Your dad wouldn't let me get the custom paint job.”
“It's black and sitting outside.” Her dad tossed her the keys.
Catching them as she stood, Indie headed for the front door. Most the time being the only child of two domineering parents sucked. Splitting time between being a tom-boy and girly-girly became tiresome, but then things like this were her rewards.
If possible, her smile grew wider as Indie stepped out on the porch and laid eyes on her shiny new vehicle. She wrapped her parents in a hug, “Thanks guys.”

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