Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Survivalistas- Book 1: Indiana - Chapter 1- Part 1

Chapter 1- Part 1

“I'm so jealous, you got a new car for your birthday.” Susan said, slamming her locker.
Indie glared at her best-friend. “Do you have any idea how much crap I've put up with.” She fell into step beside Susan. “I deserve it.”
“Oh yeah, you deserve it.” Susan muttered, rolling her eyes.
“Fine, how about the Miss ADK pageant?”
Susan winced. “You're the only one I know who could pull off camouflage formal wear.”
Indie wrinkled her nose at the memory of her foray into her mother’s world. Tera Macari had won several beauty pageants before marrying Indiana's father.
They entered the study hall as the bell rang. Sitting down, Susan leaned over and whispered, “have you decided what to do about Todd?”
Indie shook her head. “It's not working. When I get back on Sunday I'm ending it. Unless I get a chance to talk to him before then.”
“He's not going to take it well.”
“Do they ever?”
Susan smirked. “So you're going out to the school this weekend?”
“Yeah, wanna come?”
“You're kidding, right? You know I don't do the whole outdoor thing.”
“Un-huh.” Indiana flipped open her math book. Tapping her pencil on the book, she contemplated the problems. Suddenly, a well-manicured hand slammed down on the desk next to her book. Startled, she looked up to find a skanky blond in painted on skinny jeans and too tight sweater glaring down at her.
“Can I help you Roxy?”
“How come you get to be at the top of the pyramid?”
“Because I can do a back flip with a double twist and you can't,” Indie replied, going back to her math. Above her there was an indignant gasp. Seconds later the bell sounded, saving Indie from having to deal further with Roxy. Luckily the squad didn't have practice that afternoon, so she wouldn't follow Indie either. Scooping up her books, Indie ducked out of the class room and headed to her locker. Pulling it open she dropped her books inside, and grabbed her backpack.
“Hey Baby.”
Indie put her head against the edge of her locker door as Todd approached. Then, sighing, she straightened and pushed it shut. “Hey.”
“You've been avoiding me.”
“Yup.” She ignored the startled look on his face. What did he expect, her to make excuses? Hadn't they been together long enough for him to know better?
He reached out to take her hand and she pulled away. He looked down, then back up at her. “This isn't working, is it?”
It was Indiana's turn to look shocked. She shook her head. “No, we've been kind of just going through the motions for awhile now.”
He chuckled awkwardly, shoving his hands in his pockets. “This is weird, I've never had a break up so easy before. So what do we do now?”
Indie grinned. “Well if you want I could slap you and storm off.”
“Um no. I'd rather not have to explain a black eye. Or that a girl did it.”
Smiling, Indie shrugged. “Okay, then we're good.”
Indie turned, heading for the exit.
Before she'd gone two steps he called, “Hey Indie.”
She glanced over her shoulder.
“Still want to go to Spring Fling together?”
“I don't think that's a good idea. But any of the cheer squad would be ecstatic if you asked.” She winked and ducked out of the building.

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