Monday, November 18, 2013

The Survivalista - Book 1: Indiana- Chapter 3 - Part 3

 Chapter 3- Part 3
Staring out at the still frozen lake, Indiana kept replaying how Ms. Weltner had acted and Mr. Benti. How had he gotten out of that truck and walked on a clearly broken leg? Were they zombies?
She jumped when Ryan dropped down beside her. “Jeez, give me a heart attack.”
“Sorry. You okay?”
She shrugged, looking back toward the lake. “You already think I'm crazy.”
“True.” He smirked as she gave him a quick glare.
“Not nice.”
“Come on, tell me what’s wrong.”
Indie shook her head. “Things just aren't adding up. I mean even if Mr. Benti was in that weird state. He couldn't walk on a broken leg without being in pain. I can't even figure out how he got out of the vehicle with the trees all meshed.”
“People do amazing things when hyped up on adrenaline.”
“You didn't see them.” Indie shook her head. “It was like something out of a George Romero movie.”
He chuckled. “I never should have let you watch those movies.”
Indie grinned. “I'd already watched most of them.”
“But you got all freaked and buried your face in my arm.”
Indie smirked and shrugged. Ryan shook his head, looking at her.
“Indiana!” Susie called running toward them. Skidding to a halt, she almost slipped. Righting herself, she looked from Indie to Ryan. “I just heard your dad say they couldn't get a hold of the sheriff.”
“He's probably busy.” Ryan said.
Indiana frowned at him. “Last time we saw him he was stopping cars to check for meat.”
“And wasn't very happy about it either,” Susan added.
“Still there could be a logical explanation for him not replying.”
“Yeah, like Mr. Benti attacked him, he's laying in the hospital and the town’s gone all vigilante.”
Ryan narrowed his eyes at Indie. “You are so not allowed to watch zombie movies anymore.”
Standing, she stuck out her tongue at him, brushed off her pants, and headed toward the cabin.

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