Friday, November 22, 2013

The Survivalistas - Book 1: Indiana- Chapter 4- Part1

Chapter 4- Part 1

“Dad, the last few bunks are full. Anybody else is going to have to pitch a tent.” Indiana flopped down in the chair next to the desk. Dan nodded absently, looking over some maps.
She could sense the tension radiating off him. Over the past month and a half people had been turning up at the school. Mostly ex-trainees and their families. They relayed the latest news which kept getting weirder and weirder. Information had leaked to a news station that the virus victims who had returned to life had done so after being autopsied. The CDC had been spoon feeding the media what they wanted reported. From what folks were saying, everything was going all to hell, and fast.
“Mom's worried we won't have enough canned goods to feed everyone. Also, she's getting low on baking stuff. We never expected to have this many people at the school at one time.”
Her dad snorted, leaning back in his chair. “Some survival school this turned out to be.”
Indiana frowned. “We were supposed to teach people self-reliance, not take care of them. It's amazing we've held out this long.”
“Yeah well, these aren't trainees, they're regular people who are scared and not sure what’s going on.”
“All the more reason to teach them to take care of themselves, in case this lasts.”
“All right, Miss Smartypants, what do you suggest?”
Indie sighed, closing her eyes. “How about wild edibles? With this unseasonably warm weather the snow’s pretty much melted and plants are already coming up. It could be a class and get food to supplement what we already have.”
“Sounds good. Run me through it.”
Indie grabbed a pen and notepad off the desk. “Ok, it should be a basic class. Things most people know, already easy to identify plants I know grow around here. Let’s do dandelions, they're all over. There are some cattails near the lake, mostly dead but I might be able to use them for a demonstration. Burdock and daisies grow along the path and by the ATV lot, if any have come up yet. But those are plants almost everyone already knows. Oh, and maybe I could find some garlic-mustard.”
Her dad nodded. “That sounds like a good start.”
Ripping her list off the pad, Indie stood. “I'll get Ryan and Susan to help.”
“She's been surprisingly helpful and is adapting better than I thought she would.”

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