Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Survivalista- Book 1: Indiana- Chapter 5- Part 3

Chapter 5- Part 3
Indie shut the garage door behind Ryan as he pulled out into the driveway. It seemed silly but she wanted the house in lock down, just in case they could ever come back. She locked the door to the garage and left through the front door. As she turned the key in the deadbolt, she heard the slow shuffle. Turning she watched Ms. Weltner's face distort, moving toward her in a fast shuffle. Indiana took a step toward the stairs and the old woman lunged at her. Acting on impulse, she yanked her gun from the hostler and shot.
As Ms. Weltner stumbled backward, Indie dodged around her. When she reached the truck, she ripped open the door and jumped inside. “Go!”
Ryan stared at her, then out the window. Indie turned her head to look as well. The old woman had regained her balance and was now shuffling toward the truck. Indie felt her stomach fall to her feet. The bullet to her shoulder hadn't even phased her. “Please Ryan, go.”
Finally he turned forward and put the truck in gear. The empty street they had driven down yesterday was gone, now every shadow had a lurking figure. As the vehicle roared passed they moved forward as if to follow.
“They're everywhere.”
“We have to get back to the school,” Indie murmured, holstering her gun.
After several miles of driving in silence, Ryan glanced over. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah. I just...” She swallowed, a ball of tears in her throat. “I've never shot at...”
“…a person,” he finished for her.
Ryan reached over, taking her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

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