Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Survivalistas - Book 2: Lyric -Chapter 1 - Part 1

Chapter 1

Lyric stared at the ceiling in the stuffy gymnasium. Two month since Marcus, the soldier, had brought them to Fort Drum. No one had explained anything at first but now she knew the truth. Mostly thanks to Marcus. They had hit it off becoming friends, and it had blossom into something more. He'd let slip a few classified things. Like that the people attacking had been zombies, transformed due to the virus put in the recalled meat. He'd also let slip that the camp was in lock down, once in that was it. No one was aloud back out.
Her parent still hadn't contacted her, or showed up.
Lost in thought she almost didn't hear Marcus whisper. “You sleeping, Lyric.”
She rolled toward him, at least as much as the small cot let her. “No.”
“Good come on.”
With a smile, Lyric climbed out of the cot, and grabbed her issued rucksack, which held all her possessions. Tossing it over her shoulder, she followed Marcus out of the Gym and over to the barracks. Stepping from the warm building into the cool night air, Lyric shivered. Marcus reached over and put his arm around her shoulders. He guided her into the barracks and down the hall to his room. Unlocking and opening the door, Marcus gave her a little push inside then followed.
Lyric dropped her bag next to the door, walking into the small kitchenette. “Hungry?”
“Yeah. Mess hall closed before I got there.”
She sighed pulling open the small fridge. “You didn't miss much, I think they're running low on food.”
He nodded, trudging over and flopping on the bed. “There's been talk of rationing.”
Taking out the stuff to make him a sandwich, she set it on the counter. “Hows the gate?”
“Not good. If many more come, it might go down.”
Lyric didn't reply as she slapped mustard over the bread then added ham and cheese. After pressing the last piece of bread on top she put the supplies away. Picking up the sandwich she carried it over to where he sat. Marcus took the sandwich, then grabbed her tugging her onto his lap.
“I heard that you took a job introducing the newbies.”
“Yeah, I'll be helping acclimate new people after they've passed quarantine. I figure it's a good way to see if my folks make it.”
“Good idea.” He grinned at her, and took a bite.
“Thanks. Mind if I use your shower. I hate that locker room, no privacy.”
He swallowed. “Go ahead. I know it's the only reason you're dating me.”
Standing she grinned. “It's not the only reason.” With a smile she headed for the bathroom. 

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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