Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Survivalistas - Book 2: Lyric - Prologue- Part 2

“And the winner of the twenty-ninth annual Miss Ireland pageant is...” A scream interrupted the announcer. In the back of the theater a woman fought against a man who looked drunk. The announcer called for security while a man ran to help the woman. The doors opened and more people surged into the theater, lurching as though they to had had to much to drink.
Over head loud speakers squealed, “Will everyone please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion.”
The announcer looked at Lyric and the other girls. “Out the fire exits.” He gestured as the judges scrambled up on stage and followed them. Jude, one of the other pageant entries, pushed the door open and let out a yelp as a man rushed at her. She struggled to keep his snapping teeth away from her face, screaming all the while. Without thinking Lyric grabbed a metal folding chair from where it leaned against the wall and swung with all her might. There was a wet thunk and the man let go falling to the floor. Jude stared at Lyric eyes wide and frightened.
“Did he hurt you?”
Jude shook her head dumbly. “No, did you kill him?”
“I don't know but let's get the hell out of here.” Lyric muttered looking from the prone figure on the floor to the people around her. Dropping the chair she herded them out of the building. Outside it was just chaos.
“Holy Mother of God.” One of the judges muttered beside Lyric. People screamed and ran, while others lurched drunkenly after them. Lyric could have swore she heard gun fire in the distance. It was like a bad B horror movie. Many of the people shuffling and lurching wore only hospital gowns, their eyes blank and staring while their faces were contorted in silent rage at everyone around them. One man was completely naked and bore a huge Y incision over his torso.
“This is so not right.”
Behind Lyric the female judge screamed, whirling she found the poor woman being bit by a man. The younger male judge muttered, “Screw this.” Before running down the street.
The older male judge, Lyric thought his name was Richard, frowned moving closer, and punching the man biting the woman. It took two punches before the man let go, shook his head and shambled away. The female judge sobbed, as blood ran down her arm.
“We're going to have to stop the bleeding.”
Lyric looked around, their dresses wouldn't do any good. “Wait here.” She said, and ducked back into the building. Quietly she made her way to the dressing room where she'd left her messenger bag. Grabbing it, she looked around for anything else that would be useful. A baseball bat leaned in a corner, probably a prop from one of the past plays. Grabbing it Lyric returned to the door and back out into the chaos.
The woman now sat on the ground, sobbing. Richard had removed his shirt and was using it to staunch the flow of blood.
“Take that off.” Lyric said, pulling a maxi pad from her purse.
“What are you going to do with that?” Jude asked, looking around nervously.
Lyric didn't reply just slapped the pad over the wound, then took two hair ties out wrapping them around the woman’s arm to keep the pad in place. “That should work for now, but we might want to get you to the hospital. Do you think you can walk a couple blocks?”
“Yeah.” She managed through her tears and Richard helped her to her feet.
Lyric looked around. “Where did Kyra go?”
“Took off.” The announcer replied, falling into step next to her. Jude walked next to Richard, who was helping the wounded woman. “Oh here. You won.” He handed her the crown and sash he still held.
“Thanks.” She replied absently putting them in her bag.
For the most part they were ignored, Lyric smashed a few with the baseball bat leaving them laying on the ground. As her adrenaline waned, the March cold began seeping in goosebumps covered her bare arms and shivers wracked her body. High heels were not ideal wear for the slush covered sidewalks.
The closer they got to the hospital the louder the gun fire became, a couple cop cars flew by with their lights on.
Her parents were still at the hospital, the doctors keeping her Dad for more tests. We're they ok? Did one of these crazies attack them? We're they locked in a basement safe or had they been moved before this insanity began?
An Army Jeep pulled up next to them, breaking Lyric's train of thought. A large guy not much older than her, climbed out holding a gun. His chocolate colored skin seemed to glisten in the chilly air, as his darker eyes took them in.
“Anyone hurt?” He asked moving closer, a smirk played on the corners of his lips as he looked over Lyric then Jude.
They must have been a sight, dressed in formal gowns. Blood on her's from when she dress the wound, holding the baseball bat. Stepping out of the way, Lyric gestured to the female judge. “She's been bitten and it's pretty bad.”
He inched closer, hand hooked in his gun and looked at the make shift bandage. “Interesting. Hop in we'll take you to the medic.”
Richard gave Lyric and Jude a little push toward the jeep. “You two should go with Carol.”
The solider and Jude helped Carol into the Jeep. Lyric handed Richard the bat. “Just in case.”
He nodded, “Thanks, and Congratulations, you were my pick.”
Lyric smiled and climbed in the jeep, once the solider was in they drove off. 

Authors Note: Unedited Version

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