Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Survivalistas - Book 2: Lyric - Prologue: Part 1

Pulling her long blond hair into a pony tail, Lyric studied her reflection for a moment. Why couldn't she look more like her Dad? Then this thing would be in the bag. Wrinkling her nose at her too blue eyes and pale skin, she pulled on a head band to keep her bangs out of her face. Picking up a tube on the counter she squeezed a line of blue green face mask out onto her fingers and slathered it over her face, careful not to get any on her manicure. Once she was satisfied her face was completely covered, she put the tube back and washed her hands.
Exiting the bathroom she found her mother shaking her head at the television. Her mom looked up at her. “Would you look at this insanity. People attacking each other, looting, it's mayhem in the big cities. Everyone's going crazy after this last attack.”
Lyric settled next to her mother on the couch watching the latest news coverage of New York City. The screen was filled with overwhelmed nurses and packed emergency waiting room.
“Bio-terrorism is a scary thing, mom. People got sick and either went nuts or died.”
“I know, honey, but even more are going to die, with folks acting like this.”
Lyric didn't reply she just stared at the TV, the ticker at the bottom of the screen scrolled the same warning it had for the past few days. All meat has been recalled, any bought within the past month should be taken to a proper disposal center, with a list of local centers following.
“Have you heard anything from Aunt Tera?”
“Just the text saying she, Uncle Dan and Indie would be staying at the school. If things get real bad to join them, but I think it's just Dan and his paranoia. This to shall pass.”
Lyric wasn't as sure as her mother. The camera focused on a man strapped to a gurney, the camera man zoomed in on his face. A chill crept over Lyric's spine, the mans face was a mask of rage as he thrashed, but his eyes were totally blank. The camera panned out as the guy began to flail wildly. Doctors ran to his aide the flurry of people reminding Lyric of a medical drama. Suddenly the screen went black and a moment later a reporter in the TV station appeared, apologizing for technical difficulties. The phone rang startling Lyric, she glanced at her mom. Sharon got to her feet and walked over to pick up her cell phone from the counter.
“Hello Milly.”
Going back to the TV, Lyric half listened to her mother on the phone. The worry in the older woman’s voice grabbed her attention again. “All right I'll meet you there.”
“What's going on?” Lyric asked as Sharon put the phone down.
“You're Dad collapsed at work, their sending him to the hospital. I'm going to head over there now.”
“Give me a minute and I'll go with...”
“No you have a big day tomorrow, I'll take care of your Dad. Once I get there I'll give you a call and let you know what going on. You just worry about winning that contest tomorrow.”
Lyric smiled getting up and followed her mother into the kitchen. “Tomorrow will be a breeze, small potatoes.” She paused. “Get it, Irish Festival, small potatoes.”
“Sweetie, don't get cocky.” Sharon pulled on her coat and picked up her purse. “Be good, talk to you later.”

Authors Note: Unedited Version

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