Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 2: Lyric- Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Ira pulled into the vacant parking lot leading to one of the various hiking trails. Even though it was the end of May snow still covered some of the shadowed area under the trees. Climbing out she stretched her legs, as the guys inspected the damage to the Jeep.
“Damn I thought it was pulling. They nicked the tire.” Ira muttered, circling the vehicle. He opened the back and rifled through the stuff pulling out a can of Fix a Flat. “This will have to do until we can find a spare or a new car.”
“You don't have a spare tire?”
Marcus stepped in front of her and wrapped his arms around her. “Just let him fix the tire, sweetheart. We need to get a new vehicle anyways, since that window won't hold up against a heavy beating.”
“Fine.” She muttered laying her head on his chest. His heart thumped a steady calming beat under her ear, as he ran soothing circles with his fingers over her lower back. Her eyes wandered to the trail head sign, Cascade Lake. She knew where they where. Indie, Aunt Tera and her had gone hiking on this trail a couple times.
Ira came around the Jeep dusting his hands on his pants. “Ok it'll take us a few miles, but it's not gonna last for the long haul. We need to find a place to settle and regroup.”
Lyric pushed away from Marcus. “My Uncle has some friends that live a few miles from here. I've visited with them a couple times when staying at my aunt and uncles. Their survivalists like him, even if they're not home I'm sure they wouldn't begrudge us using their place.”
“Ok well lets get going.”
“First I have to use the little girls room, or bush as the case maybe.” Lyric muttered, heading for the trail.
“Don't go to far, and be careful.” Marcus called after her, she gave a wave to let him know she heard. After going down the trail a few feet she turned and ducked into a thicket of brush. Something snagged her hair, and she yanked to disengaged it from what ever caught it. Something snapped behind her and she turned just in time to dodge what was left of the poor hiker or possibly camper that stumbled at her.
“Son of a bitch!” She yelped grabbing up a large stick she smacked it in the head until it stopped moving. “Can't even pee in peace.” She ranted beating it a few more times, before whipping the stick at the creature.
A twig snapped and she jerked the gun from her belt. “Whoa, don't shoot. I heard something and came to check on you.” Marcus peered around a tree at her. As she put the gun away he came closer, looking at the decaying mess that had attacked her. “Remind me not to piss you off.”
“Whatever, lets go. I don't need to pee anymore.” She stomped passed him heading for the parking lot.
“Uh Lyric... you got a hand stuck in your hair.”
“Oh god! Get it out!” She started pulling at her pony tail, as bile rose in her throat. When she couldn't get it out, Marcus stopped her from ripping out her hair. Turning her he gently untangled the rotten hand from her hair tossing it on the ground. “Cut it.” She demanded, knowing she couldn't wash her hair.
“Cut my hair just above the hair tie. I am not going to be able to deal with zombie... slime in my hair.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes damn it. Do it or I will.”
He tugged her hair tie so it was a little lower and looser, but still high enough to get rid of the section the zombie had touched. Taking his pocket knife he sliced and suddenly her head felt ten times lighter.
“How much?” He held the still tied hair out for her inspection a good five to six inches laid in his hand matted with the grossest thing imaginable. A shudder crept over her skin and she had never wanted a shower so bad in her life. “Thank you.”
He nodded, sliding his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close. Leaning down he caught her lips in a searing kiss. Pulling away he murmured, “Don't scare me like that again.” She nodded, as he gave her another gentler kiss. “Ok Ira's waiting.” Tucking her against his side he lead her back to the Jeep.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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