Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 2: Lyric- Chapter 3- Part 1

Chapter 3

Lyric pulled to a stop, and looked at the map. She was so winging this, sighing she looked at Marcus who was sleeping in the passenger seat. What if she was wrong? Drawing a deep breath she pushed those thoughts away and studied the map. They'd stuck to back roads for the most part, but in order to get to the Number 4 road she was going to have to go through Lowville. Right through the center of the town. Granted the place wasn't very big, but any where that had been populated had the potential to have zombies.
Reaching over she poked Marcus in the arm. “Hey wake up.”
Instantly he was wide awake, “what's wrong?”
“Nothing, well, we're going to have to go right through the middle of Lowville. I thought it would be a good idea if someone was awake to shoot if need be.”
Yawning and stretching, he nodded. “You got it, sweetheart.” Casting a quick glance into the back seat where Ira lay snoring, he leaned over grinning. “Come on give me some sugar, baby.”
Lyric smirked, a giggle slipping out. “Corn ball.” She muttered, leaning toward him and meeting his lips with hers. Pulling away she added, “and quoting my favorite movie won't get you into my pants.”
“Worth a try.” He replied, settling back in his seat.
Lyric bit her lip on a smile and turned onto the road leading toward the village. Her smile melted as houses appeared. Some had boards covering the windows, and others the windows had been smashed. One houses door hung open, a dark stain covering the front walk. On a few front yards and the sidewalk were what looked like decaying corpses. Lyric quickly turned her eyes back on the road, as her stomach threatened to heave the Red Bull she'd drank earlier. Swerving around a tipped over F150, they saw the small downtown area had been pillaged. Even a tiny print shop hadn't been missed, with it's windows smashed and a trail of cords hanging out onto the sidewalk. From a shop across the street, a figure stumbled out.
Marcus picked up the gun, propped between his legs. Lyric swallowed and sped up, whipping down the road that lead where she wanted to go. After driving a ways the pavement turned to gravel then to dirt. Mud bogged down the tires making them to slip and slide on the narrow road. Lyric pulled over and let Ira take the wheel. As they whizzed by a boulder with 'this road is fucked' spray painted on it. Lyric chuckled, “Someone had this road pegged.”
The guys exchanged a grin. As they negotiated a last turn and houses magically appeared along a paved road. Ira slowed, rolling down the picturesque streets. Unlike Lowville there was no carnage, the houses looked untouched. Turning another sharp corner they slowed abruptly. On one side of the road was a parking lot filled with vehicles, the other a massive stone church. The doors to the building we're wide open and two men with guns stood either side. As the Jeep rolled into view, one ducked inside, while other moved toward them. 

Author's Note: Unedited Version 

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