Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 2: Lyric- Chapter 2- Part 1

Chapter 2

Lyric woke as the jeep came to a stop, and the engine cut out. “Where are we?”
“Small pit stop to get some gas and bathroom break.” Ira said, looking back at her.
“Wait here we'll go in and make sure it's clear.”
“Like hell I am!” She unsnapped her seat-belt. “It's always the scared chick in the car that get's it first in the movies.”
Marcus glanced at Ira and they laughed. “Ok, stay close and don't shoot us.”
Lyric frowned at him, as she climbed out of the vehicle after them. She knew how to handle firearms her father had taught her to hunt, and her uncle had driven home the point that guns were not toys. Although she would have felt safer with a shot gun.
She pulled out the hand gun and followed Marcus into the Nice & Easy convenience store. Surprisingly most the huge plate glass windows were still intact, and they could see the front of the building looked empty. Pulling open the door Marcus went in scanning the place. He waved the other two in. The place had been pretty picked over, shelves were bare, coolers had been left open.
“What exactly are we doing here, again?” Lyric asked, looking around at the destruction.
“Getting gas and hopefully food.” Ira muttered, walking over to the cash register.
“Out here looks clear. Lyric would you see if anythings left?”
Skeptically she eyed the shelves, again, then holstered her gun. “Sure.” She walked over the the counter and grabbed a few plastic bags. Starting with the closest shelves she worked her way toward the coolers in back. Kicking empty boxes, and papers out of her way as she went. Reaching down to shove a beer box out of the way she was surprised to find it heavy. Out of curiosity she opened in, inside someone had place a couple boxes of Twinkies, several energy drinks, a bag of potato chips and several candy bars. Clearly someone had stashed this in the hopes of coming back.
“Jack pot!” She grinned, looking around, maybe there was more than one box. Setting the box next to the door, glancing out she noted that Ira and Marcus were fighting with the gas pump. Shaking her head, she wondered if she should yell at them that the pumps would work with out power. Shrugging she decided they'd figure it out and began digging through the debris in earnest. Finding two more boxes with junk food and energy drinks. Adding the boxes to her pile she peeked out the doors again, to find the guys, putting gas cans into the back. Turning back to the job at hand she looked around trying to figure out where she hadn't already looked. Her gaze landed on a single soda box sitting in a cooler. Opening the door the smell, something like rotting meat, waft out from the back.
A decayed hand shot out of the shelves at her. Lyric let out a cry, and back peddled knocking over an empty rack. The creature threw itself against the shelves it's hands clawing for her, she could hear its teeth gnashing together. Grabbing the door Lyric slammed it shut. Running over to the pile of boxes, she stacked them carefully one on top of the other, and picked them up. Pushing the door open with her hip she glanced over at the rattling cooler door wondering if the thing could get out or not.
Heading for the Jeep she called, “Hey guys little help?”
Marcus looked up, his eyes grew wide when he saw the precariously balanced boxes. “All you could find was beer?”
He opened the door to the back and she set the boxes inside. “No someone stashed a bunch of stuff in the beer boxes and hid them in the garbage. I assume they where hoping no one would find them.”
“Good thing I had you look, huh.”
“Yeah, well there's also a zombie in the cooler. So don't ask me to go back in.” She added walking around the get in the backseat.
“Didn't hear you scream.”
Lyric gave Ira a withering look. “I don't scream.”
“Yeah right.”
“No seriously I can't, the most you'll get is an ahhh. It's like my voice won't do it.” She snapped her fingers. “Damn, would one of you brave strong men mind going in and getting a map. I forgot.”
“I got it.” Marcus said, jogging toward the store.
Sliding into the Jeep Lyric slammed her door, then leaned her head against the back of the seat. A few seconds later she heard Ira climb in the drivers seat. “How'd you guys get gas anyway? I figured the pumps wouldn't work if there was no power.”
“Someone was kind enough to set up a hand pump and hose, where they fill the main tank. We used the cans to fill the Jeep, then refilled them and put the cans in back.”
“Cool.” Lyric muttered, raising her head and looking toward the building. Marcus exited with a large trucker atlas and maps. Running toward the jeep he climbed in the passenger side and handed her the maps.
“Your friend in there was pissed.”
“Probably just hungry.” Lyric mumbled looking over the map.
The guys chuckled as Ira put the vehicle in gear. “Speaking of hungry. What all did you find?”
“Mostly junk food, Twinkies, energy drinks, and chips.”
“Mmm, food of champions.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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