Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 2: Lyric- Chapter 6- Part 2


Pop! Pop! Pop!
Lyric groggily opened her eyes, who the fuck was setting off fire crackers at this hour. The sound came again and it finally registered as gun fire. A light from outside illuminated the windows, and she rolled off the bed crawling to look out the blinds. A group of zombies milled in the yard slowly making an advance on the house. Lyric counted ten, four unmoving on the ground and six still shuffling toward the house. As she watch another two slumped to the ground, another zombie fell over a body and before it could fully right itself it flopped unmoving. Behind her there was a groan and Lyric swung around still crouched on the floor.
Indie sat up in the bed, “What the heck is going on? What's that noise?”
“Shh,” Lyric hissed and waved her over, turning back to peer out the window. Three more zombies had stumbled into the yard.
Indie crouched beside her looking out the window. “Damn it. Look at them all, where'd they come from. I didn't see hardly any in town.” She whispered fiercely.
“Don't know we didn't see any coming from Big Moose either.” Lyric watched the last zombie fall and held her breath wondering if more would appear, but nothing stirred. Letting out a sigh, she sat down pressing her back to the wall. Indie followed suit, from the bed Susie let out a loud snore. Lyric tried to stifle a giggle but it leaked out. A moment later Indie began laughing as well.


“Oh my God this is foul!” Indie exclaimed tossing an arm into the bed of the truck. Lyric nodded in agreement, adjusting her gloves. She, Indie, Ryan, and Marcus had volunteered to clean up the zombie mess. Susie had taken one look at the front lawn and fled to the kitchen refusing to come outside. Earl had promptly thrown up upon seeing the mess. Eugene and Fred had offered to help, but Indie had sent them to take care of the animals instead. Ira seemed to have disappeared, no one was really sure where he'd gone.
“You didn't have to help.” Ryan reminded them his voice slightly muffled by the handkerchief over his face. “Eugene or Fred could have helped instead.”
All four were dressed similar with long jeans, long sleeved shirts, gloves, and handkerchiefs over their nose and mouth. Unfortunately it was starting to get hot for the beginning of summer. Lyric could feel sweat beading on her forehead as she grabbed the feet of a small women in a flowered night dress. As she pulled the corpse toward the truck, one of the feet came off in her hand. Stumbling backward she fought down her breakfast, tossing the foot in the truck bed. She grabbed the legs and finished pulling it close so the guys could pick it. They'd managed to load about half of the thirteen bodies littering the yard.
“Fred seems like a great guy, but I was kind of afraid his back would go out or something.” Indie said, walking back to grab another body.
“I think he's a tougher old guy than you think.” Ryan replied, grabbing the body, Lyric had left next to the truck and placing it in the bed.
Listening to the two bicker, she absently grabbed the feet of a corpse pulling it off of another one. The bottom one shifted, then began to try to get up. “Son of a bitch!” Lyric yelled, dropping the feet and jumping back. A stream of profanities issued from Lryic's mouth as she raised her booted foot and smashed in the creatures skull. She didn't stop stomping or cursing until big hands grabbed her shoulders pulling her away.
“Hey, it's dead.”
She whirled on Marcus, breathing hard. “Of course, it's fucking dead.” Lyric glanced toward Indie and Ryan, Indie's eyes were wide as if shocked. Realization dawned on her, as she saw herself though their eyes covered in gore and probably a little crazy. Closing her eyes she drew a deep breath. “Sorry, I'm ok now. Let get this cleaned up.”
“I think you need a break.” Marcus said, gently taking her arm.
Indie stepped forward warily, “Yeah why don't you and I get a drink. The guys can do without us for a minute or two.” Lyric allowed herself to be led to the house and sank down on the steps. “I'll be right back.”
Behind her the screen door slammed, Lyric closed her eyes. What the hell was wrong with her? The screen door slammed again and the porch squeaked as Indie walked over and sat down. Indie glanced at her as she handed Lyric a bottle of water.
“I haven't heard you swear like that since you lost the Candyland Pageant. Didn't your Mom wash your mouth out with soap when you got home?”
“Yeah, FYI Dawn tastes awful.” They laughed.
Indie drew in a breath, “Seriously are you ok?”
“Yes, no. Are any of us really ok?”
“I think we're holding up well given the situation.”
“Ugh you sound like my Dad.”
“Well one of us should.” Indie said, leaning over and bumping her shoulder playfully. They lapsed into silence watching the guys haul the corpses to the truck. “Come on lets get those two something to drink before they pass out.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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