Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 2: Lyric- Chapter 8- Part 1

Chapter 8
“Are you sure they we're going to attack tonight?” Susie hissed, then yawned.
Lyric gave her a sympathetic look, they were sitting under the windows in the upstairs bedroom. It was close to three in the morning, everyone was tired but on edge. “Yes. I figure anytime now, they want to try and catch us when were asleep.”
Susie lay her head against the wall. “Fine then wake me when they get here.”
Lyric sighed, she wished she could just close her eyes for a few minutes. Her body screamed at her from the clean up, hauling dead bodies was tiring. Just as her eyes were creeping shut the outside light came on. Instantly awake she listened, wondering if it was another raccoon or skunk, then she heard the unmistakable sound of a shot gun. More gun shots people yelling, she scrambled to her knees peering over the windowsill. She saw men a few wounded lay on the ground, other forms hunkered down behind the outbuildings and trucks. Lyric nudged Susie until she woke. The hand held transceiver on the floor next to her screeched static then a mans voice.
Rev, they're a bit more prepared than we thought. I got a few men down. Call in the boys to enter from the woods.”
“Stay here.” Lyric whispered to Susie then snatched up her gun and the radio. She crawled to the door then bolted down the hall. Ducking into the guest bedroom she skidded to the window and cracked it. Earl gazed at her in surprise, and she guested to the back yard. He nodded and pushed his window open shouldering the AR15 Ryan had given him. Dark figures crept into the yard and Lyric drew a breath sighting in one, she squeezed the trigger just like her dad had taught her. The target dropped with a howl clutching it's leg, next to her Earl peppered the figures with bullets driving them back into the trees. Lyric fumbled with the bolt for a moment then popped out the spent cartridge and chamber a new one.
Again the radio crackled to life. “Seems they're more on alert than we thought, Boss. What do you want us to do?”
How many men do you have?”
Not sure, looks like maybe five, six not wounded out here. Charlie what about you?”
A static pause then another voice. “Three not wounded.”
Earl grinned at her proudly, and she couldn't help smiling back. It was eight maybe nine against nine, but they had the high ground and cover, plus weapons. Unfortunately those doucheconoes had reinforcements. “Can you take it from here?” Lyric asked leaning close to whisper. He gave her a quick nod and turned to the window.
Lyric scooped up the radio and made her way carefully back to the master bedroom. Susie sat hugging her gun, with her back against the wall. Easing down Lyric peeked over the sill again, the people out front hadn't moved. Apparently waiting on orders from the Rev.
Collect the wounded and return to town.”
Below one of the men stood, waving his arms shouting “We're leaving, just let us get our wounded.”
Marcus yelled out, “Get them but if you shoot we'll fire back.”
Slowly the men helped the wounded limp off the yard and back into the forest.
“Is it over?” Susie whimpered.
“For now.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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