Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 2: Lyric- Chapter 9- Part 2

Lyric leaned against the counter only half listening to the argument going on at the kitchen table. Exhaustion was finally catching up with her.
“We should attack now while their weal.” Earl was saying and for some reason Lyric found this highly amusing, laughter bubbling out of her.
“Attack? It's nine of us against a group of who knows how many of them. Sure we wounded a couple, but they still out number us. We only survived that attack, because we had a heads up.”
Marcus shot her a worried look, but nodded in agreement. “She's right. What we need is some recon. Find out what's going on over there then plan.”
Indie sat looking from one face to another, her gaze lingered on Lyric for a brief moment. No doubt taking in her dark circled eyes and tired posture. Lyric drew herself up, as Indie stated. “Tonight Ryan, Marcus, Ira and I will go to the town. We'll see if we can get an idea of what's going on.”
Oh hell no, Lyric was not letting her boys go without her, she was the one who knew how to use the radios and they could use that to keep tabs on the men. “I'm not staying behind.” Lyric crossed her arms over her chest.”
“You're dead on your feet.”
“You're not Calgone fresh either, Missy. Beside who's going to use the radio to keep in touch here, and keep tabs on the rednecks?”
Ira chuckled and held up a hand. “As much as I would love to see a cat fight, Ly can have my spot. I mean, she has a point. Plus it's a good idea to have people here who can shoot if they come back or another wave of dead heads hits.”
Indie drew a deep breath, eyed Lyric again then spat. “Fine, but go get some sleep.”
Trotting downstairs Lyric felt a hundred times better after a few hours of sleep. Entering the kitchen she found Indie, Ryan and Marcus studying a map. With a quick glance, she headed for the coffee maker and poured a cup surprised it was still warm. Grabbing a chair she settled next to Marcus. “So what's the plan?”
Without looking at her, Indie replied. “We're going to take the horses to here.” She pointed to a spot on the map that looked like a hiking trail. “Leave them off the road, and go through the woods. We need to check on the gate, you told us about, and the church.”
Lyric nodded taking a sip of her coffee, then sputtered. “Oh my God this is awful, what the heck is it?”
“A mix of dried chicory root and coffee. We need to ration certain things, it's not like we can go to Star Bucks and get a Frappacino now.”
“Like you could before.” Lyric muttered, taking another sip and making a face.
Indie shot her a smile, and Lyric grinned back, turning back to the map Indie added. “We're going to leave around five it's a lot of ground to cover. I'd like us to be at the town after nightfall.”
Lyric glanced at the clock, it was just after noon. “Good, I told Susie I'd go over the basics of the radio downstairs with her and set every thing up so we could keep in touch.”
Under the table Marcus gave her leg a squeeze. “Good idea.”
Indie nodded, “We'll meet up downstairs in a few hours to get geared up and ready to go. Lyric can you still shoot a rifle?”
“I'm a little rusty but I think I can manage.” Lyric gagged down the last dredgers in her cup and stood, taking the cup to the sink. “I'll go find Susie and start teaching her about the radios.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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