Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper - Chapter 2 - Part 1

Chapter 2
They pulled up out front of a one story house with an attached garage. On the steps was a man with his head bashed in, blood painted the porch.
“Your sure this is the place?” Shanna asked, eying the corpse.
“Yeah.” Piper typed out a quick message to Mica, then climbed out of the Bronco. She'd put her heels back on, they clicked on the slush covered sidewalk. Cautiously she walked up the steps, holding on to her crowbar and looking around for nut jobs. Keeping one eye on the dead guy she knocked, a second later the door swung open. Piper couldn't help smiling at Mica, it had been awhile since they had seen each other. Her little sister now stood the same height as Piper, if she hadn't been wearing heels. Mica's long curly brownish gold hair was swept up into a pony tail, her big brown eyes taking in Piper's appearance.
“You do that?” Piper asked nodding to the corpse on the steps.
“Just the brain bashing. The Altman's don't believe in guns.” Stepping back inside Mica grabbed her coat, backpack, and field hockey stick. She looked behind her at two guys standing in the entry way. “You coming or going to hang out here?”
They exchanged a glance then followed her out of the house.
“We're full up.” Piper said, pointing to the Bronco idling in the driveway. Movement down the street caught her eye. She chewed on her lip of a moment then said, “We'll have to figure it out.”
The dark haired kid spoke up. “I'll ride on the roof, but I ain't staying here with the dead bodies.”
Piper grinned, “Trust me you don't want to ride on the roof. Now come on let's get going before those things hear us.”
They headed to the Bronco and after a little re-organizing everyone squeezed in. Jacob, the blond boy, was squished against one side of the vehicle with Mica on his lap. Piper found this amusing since her sister's face was bright red and she refuse to look anywhere but out the windshield. Camden, the dark haired guy, was on the other end with Shanna on his lap. Both seemed pretty ok with the situation. While April was squished in the middle. It wasn't ideal but there was little alternative and they were running out of time. Shambling forms seemed to be seeping out of the woodwork and heading in there direction. Piper hopped into the passenger seat, and Topher sped off just as a couple figures lurched out from behind a neighboring house.
“Think we should head for the bunker, and lay low until this blows over.” Piper told Topher grabbing the oh shit bar as he took a sharp turn.
Topher nodded, eyes on the road. “What about the boys?”
Piper turned slightly. “You two want us to drop you somewhere?” They shook their heads and Piper shrugged. “Guess their with us, for the time being.”
Mica pipped up, “I thought you sold the bunker.”
Piper looked back at Mica. “Couldn't do it. I figured you needed some where to go once you were ready. Besides it's home.”
Mica looked to be about to say something else, then her eyes widened. Topher yelled, brakes squealed and the bronco turned. Piper held on for dear life as the bronco tipped up on two tires, hanging for just a moment then slammed down on it's side. Closing her eyes, she felt glass shatter over her as the door connected with the pavement. Her head bounced off the door frame, leaving her dazed. From the backseat came screams, and cries of pain. Blinking Piper tried to pull the world into focus. Pain wracked her body, her right side aching from the impact with the plastic and metal.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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