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The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 2- Part 2

Her mind flashed back to another accident, and she began to shake. “Mica!” Piper's voice cracked, as she frantically tugged at her seat-belt. This wasn't happening, not again. She needed to calm down and access the situation. With a huge effort she forced herself to stop panicking.
The bronco lay on the passenger side, beside her Topher hung in his seat belt fighting to get the stubborn metal to unlatch. When he did, she realized, he was going to fall right on her. “Topher wait.”
He paused in his struggle and looked at her. “What?”
She swallowed. “Let me move first or your going to fall on me.”
“Hurry, this fucking hurts.”
She nodded, and quickly removed her seat-belt twisting she looked into the back. The back door was open, Mica and Jacob had already climbed out. They knelt on the side of the vehicle, helping April out. Jacob seemed to be favoring his right hand, but other wise neither seemed to be hurt. As Shanna and Camden climbed out, Piper scrambled over the seats. Pulling herself out the open door, behind her she heard Topher drop to his feet then follow her out of the bronco. Everyone crowded on the side of the ruined vehicle, looking down at the creatures trying desperately to reach them.
“Fuck.” Piper swore, looking at the three zombies. The huge cab kept the group out of reach for now, but more would come. With a groan, she dropped back into the bronco and began rummaging through everything that had gone flying in the accident. Finding Mica's field hockey stick she, called. “Mica, here.” Handing it to the younger woman when her face appeared in the door. She added, “take these too.” Finding two of the crowbars.
Mica took them, then asked. “Do you see my backpack? I've got some stuff in there that might be helpful.”
Piper turned back shuffling stuff around, and found Mica's back pack stuck under the seat. From outside she heard the sounds of a scuffle. Climbing out she found Mica, on the ground bashing out the brains of one zombie. Jacob had taken out a second with a crowbar, and Topher was finishing off the third. Looking around she noticed that the sounds of the accident had gain the attention of more than just the three. Figures shambled and stumbled toward them, far to many to fight off. Forcing her addled brain to work, she took in where they were, it wasn't to far from the factory she worked at. They could go there, take stock of injures and regroup.
Jumping down she tilted in her heels then righted herself. These things would have to go, she needed better footwear. “Come on, I know where we can go.” She called, waving to the others to follow her. Turning down a side street she had never been so happy to see the metal building in her life.
Mica jogged next to her, in a winded voice asked. “The bathing suit factory?”
“It's sound.” Piper gasped, skidding to a stop in front of the heavy steel door. Pulling out her keys she unlocked the door and ushered everyone in. Re-locking the door she walked over and deactivated the alarm, then flicked on the lights. She looked over the group, they looked shell shocked. Shanna and April huddled close to Topher. Camden stared absently into space. Jacob cradled his right arm against his stomach face pinched in pain. Mica held her field hockey stick, looking out the window and bouncing on the balls of her feet like a prize fighter. “Anybody hurt?”
Jacob grimaced, “I messed up my wrist.”
“Anyone else?” Heads shook, but no one spoke. “Ok, Shanna, Stalker Chick go into the break room, grab the first aid kit take care of every ones cuts. When you're done getting bandaged Camden, Topher grab some of those machines and put them against the emergency doors. Jacob sit, so I can look at your wrist. Mica go look around and see if you can find anything useful.” Slowly they all moved to do as they were told.
Piper grabbed Mica's arm, “Look on the tables next to the machines and in drawers, some of the women have wrist braces we can use to splint his arm.”
Mica nodded then weaved between the rows of machines, head down rummaging through stuff. Piper turned back to Jacob and pointed to the chair behind the desk. “Sit and lets see that wrist.”
He did as she commanded, carefully pushing up his jacket sleeve. The wrist was swollen, and a little purple. Jacob hissed when she touched it. “Can you move it?” With a groan of agony he move his hand up and down. “I think, and I'm not a doctor, but I think you just sprained it. Hang on, I'll go get some ibuprofen and ice. Mica's looking for a splint or something.”
“You and Mica seem to be pretty calm for the apocalypse.” Jacob said, as she stood.
Piper gave him a smile. “I'll freak out later.” She left Jacob by the desk and headed for the break room. Shanna had just finished bandaging Camden and looked up at her as she entered.
“Want me to take care of that cut on your head?” Shanna asked, picking through the first aid kit in front of her.
Piper touched the sore spot, where her head had connected with the door. Her fingers came away with blood on them. Sighing, Piper replied. “Not right now, let me finish taking care of Jacob. I think his wrist is sprained. Is there any ibuprofen in there?”
Shanna held out a small packet, “Are you sure your ok? You don't have a concussion, do you?”
“I have no idea.” Piper took the packet and retrieved an ice pack from the freezer of the break room fridge. “I have a hella headache, hurt everywhere and feel as though my knees going to give out at any moment. The thing is after what we saw on the news I not going anywhere near the hospital until this blows over.”
Shanna nodded, “Let me know when your ready to get bandaged up. I think you and Jacob got the brunt of the accident since you guys were on that side.”
“Yeah. Hey bring that out if your done, you can bandage up Jacob. He's got some cuts on his face.”
Snapping the kit shut Shanna followed Piper out to where Jacob sat. He cracked an eye open when they approached.
Mica hustled over carrying a couple different braces. “I wasn't sure which would fit. Why are there so many in here in the first place?”
Piper ripped open the pain killers and dumped them into Jacob's hand. “There should be a bottle of water in the bottom drawer, if you need it.” Turning to Mica she took the braces. “Many of the women who've worked here awhile have carpel tunnel syndrome, from sewing. The braces help with the pain.” Selecting the largest she looked at Jacob's wrist the purple had darkened and the swelling wasn't going down. “Kay this might hurt but you're better off with the brace on to keep it stable, just in case.”
Jacob nodded, “It's ok. I broke my arm once and it felt a lot worst than this, so do what you gotta.”
Piper bit her lip and gently pulled the brace over his hand on to his wrist. Jacob hissed in pain as she tightened it down. When done she handed him the ice pack, he placed it over the wrist. “Shanna will take care of those cuts on your face.”
Piper ducked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. She had a cut just above her right eyebrow, and a gash on the side of her head near the hairline along with a nasty bruise. Behind her the door opened and Mica entered carrying the first aid kit. “There's not much left, but some of the machines have band aides if you need more.”
“Thanks.” Piper muttered. Yanking a bunch of paper towels from the roll, Piper wet them and washed the blood from her face.
Mica set the kit on the sink, in front of Piper. “You work here, right?”
Piper nodded, “Yeah I'm the administrative assistant.”
“What about school?”
“Night classes, and online.” Putting antibacterial cream on her cut, she added. “Getting a job looked good and it helped pay the bills.”
Mica climbed up on the sink beside Piper's. “Looked good?”
“I've been trying to get custody of you since mom and dad died.”
Mica drew a deep breath and hung her head. “I know.”
Piper decided to changed the subject. “Did you get hurt in the accident?”
“Just banged my head on the roof. Jacob took the brunt of the fall, he cushioned me.” A ghost of a smile crossed Mica's face.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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