Monday, October 27, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Piper quietly lead everyone out of the building. They had only gone a few feet, when the single zombie turned and lumbered toward them. Mica nudged Piper forward toward the pickup, saying, “I got this.”
Before Piper could argue, Mica stalked toward the man. If it wasn't for the snarling vacant stare Piper would have thought the guy had just stumbled out of bed. Turning her attention back to the truck she wrenched open the drivers door, and hopped in. A wet meaty thunk sounded just as the engine roared to life. Shanna and Stalker Chick clamored in the passenger side. Topher, and the three teens climbed in the bed of the truck. Piper glanced into the rear view mirror, and stomped on the gas when Mica gave her a thumbs up. Speeding out of the parking lot and down the side street. Not even bothering to stop for the stop sign she turned the corner. Whizzing over the bridge and out of town, finally slowing only when they hit the empty back roads.
Twenty minutes and a lot of turning twisty roads later, Piper eased the truck down a long driveway. As the house came into view Stalker Chick scoffed, “This is better than where we were?”
“A thousand times better, April.” Shanna replied, staring at the run down farm house.
The two story farm house was gray and drab, with a saggy pouch. Piper could understand how Stalker Chick, would be skeptical. She had no idea that the walls and doors were reinforced or that the windows were bullet proof glass.
Piper eased the truck to a stop, killing the engine, she climbed out. Mica and Topher hopped over the side of the truck box. Everyone else slowly emerged from the vehicle, moving cautiously. Striding across the slush covered yard, Piper jumped up on the porch and unlocked the front door. The others darted in house as if the devil himself was chasing them, even though the area looked clear. Following she pulled the door shut and bolted it.
“Anyone with zombie gunk on them go to the kitchen.” Piper barked, looking pointedly at Topher and Mica. They obeyed, tiptoeing through the living room to kitchen. “Mica your the grossest so go get cleaned up first.” The younger women gave a quick nod, and kept going toward the bathroom. Piper joined Topher in the kitchen, then turned back toward the others. “Shanna would you run upstairs and find us some clean clothes, please?”
“Sure.” Shanna replied, and took off up the stairs.
April flopped down on the couch crossing her arms. “So why's this place so special?”
“The windows are bullet proof glass, the doors reinforced steel and the walls are reinforced too. We have enough food stuffs to keep us going for at least a year. Special enough, Stalker Chick?”
The woman's lips perched, but she kept quiet.
“So your a survivalist or something?” Camden asked.
“My dad was a prepper and my mom was into extreme couponing. Lucky for you guys.” Piper snarked, in reply.
Camden ignored her tone and asked, “What was he prepping for?”
“Zombie apocalypse or nuclear fallout, which ever came first.”
Topher shook his head. “To bad the old man can't see he was right.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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