Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 2- Part 3

The door to the bathroom popped open and Shanna stuck her head in. “Need any help?”
“No, thanks. Mica's got it. Why don't you and Stalker Chick raid the fridge. Some of the girls tend to leave stuff, maybe there'll be some thing to eat.”
“Ok.” Shanna left.
After the door shut, Mica said. “You're giving them busy work?”
“Yeah, something to keep their minds from wandering.”
“Do you have a plan?”
Piper glanced at Mica. “I'm working on it.”
Mica swung her legs back and forth. “So what have you got so far?”
Piper sighed and propped her hip against the sink. “There's an old truck down by the loading bay, if we can get to that we'll have transportation and can get the hell outta here.”
Mica chewed on her lip for a moment. “We're going to need weapons. I noticed these long sharp looking hook things.”
Nodding Piper said, “Beaders we use them to put beads on the strings for the suits.”
“Whatever.” Mica rolled her eyes. “Anyway if we attached those to a couple brooms, they'd make nice spears. Jab to the eye socket and those suckers go down.” She hopped off the sink and mimed stabbing something with a spear.
Piper sighed again. “Better than trying to make sling shots out of the string bikinis.”
Mica chuckled and hopped down from the sink, as Piper snapped the first aid kit shut. “Did you ever think Dad was going to be right?”
Piper shook her head exiting the bathroom. “I hoped not.” With a sad smile, she tossed her arm over Mica's shoulders and headed for the break room. It looked as though Shanna and Stalker Chick had managed to find sandwich makings and stuff to drink.
Shanna pushed two paper plates toward them as they approached. “Made you each a sandwich too. Hope you like ham, it's all that was in the fridge.”
Mica squished up her nose but took a plate anyway. “Thanks.” She hopped up on the counter behind the table, and began eating. Piper flopped down in an empty chair at the table. As soon as her weight was off her feet they began to throb, along with her bad knee. A tiny groan of pain escaped her lips, with a grimace she reached down and rubbed her knee.
“Hey, Piper, I found something for you.” Topher held up a pair of orange Crocs.
Piper shot him a glare, as Mica giggled from her perch.
“What? You can barely walk in those heels. I don't know how you ran up that hill out there. Not to mention your knee must be killing you. I thought these would help.”
She had to admit the ugly things would be easier to walk in and probably run in. “Fine,” She conceded. “Give them here.”
Topher handed her the shoes. With a resigned sigh, she undid the laces on her boots and kicked them off. The pain in her feet lessened immediately, and Piper wiggled her toes before slipping the Crocs on.
“So what's the plan?” Topher asked looking at Piper.
Pushing the plate and sandwich away she replied, “There's a truck by the loading dock. We can take it to the bunker, but some of you will have to ride in the back.”
“Which means we'll need weapons,” Mica added. “Just in case.”
Piper leaned back in the chair. “Tell them your idea.”
All eye's turned toward Mica.
“We make spears out of the brooms and those hook thingy's I found. Attach the hooks to the brooms with some duct tape or something. A good stab to the eye socket and the zombie goes down.”
Stalker Chick shook her head. “You two are nuts. I say we wait here until help comes.”
“Um, judging from what we saw on TV, I don't think helps coming.” Camden said, glancing around.
Everyone was silent for a moment then Shanna spoke up. “I think we should go to Piper's place. At least there we'll be safe.”
Topher nodded in agreement. “I don't know a safer place than the bunker.”
Mica pipped up,“I want to go home.”
“What about you two?” Piper asked.
Camden and Jacob exchanged a glance. “It's already four against three, so least just get the show on the road.”
“All righty then. Mica why don't you and Shanna scrounge up the stuff to make those spears. Topher and I will access the truck situation.”
Dusting crumbs from her pants, Mica jumped off the counter and headed out of the break room with Shanna following.
“So what should we do?” Jocab asked.
“You rest. Camden wanna help the girls?” Piper replied standing.
Nodding, Camden got up and took off. Topher stood, and followed Piper out of the break room. She lead him toward the doors where they had entered. Next to a large roll up door hung a key ring, Piper grabbed it then peered out the door they had come in. One lone zombie stood in the parking lot.
Piper closed her eyes then opened them, pressing her cheek against the glass to see the pick up. It sat in it's normal spot, backed right next to the roll up door. Topher bumped against her back as he peered over her head to see what was going on.
“I think we should get everyone together, and make a run for it.” Topher whispered in her ear.
Piper nodded, unable to come up with something better.
Mica popped up behind them. “We're ready when you are.”
Piper turned toward her. “Really?”
“Yeah we only had to make three, everyone else already had something.”
“Then go get everybody else and we'll get moving before more of those things show up.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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