Sunday, November 2, 2014

Not all exposure is good exposure

So yesterday I did some searching and found two posts about Mica. The cover made it on Lousy Book Covers a website devoted to well the title kind of says it all. Now I have to admit Mica's cover wasn't my best creation, and to be completely honest I agree with all the comments. Could I have done better? Maybe, but money and time were a factor. They still are when trying to create covers for my books. I work ten hours days four days a week, have two kids, a husband and lots of other responsibilities. This is a hobby, while I enjoy it, I'm not making money off it. So I'm not going to put a ton of money into it, especially when I don't have it.
This goes for editing as well. I received a review from The Black Spot on the Gray Hand according to the blog "The black spot is an author's worst nightmare...". Truthfully I've had harder reviews. The author of the blog gave me a three, and really the worst thing that was said, "This is a 10 page short by someone who needs a bit of help with grammar and spelling. (For example, the first sentence mistakenly uses families for family’s. An "author" ought to get a distinction like that right.) It continues with some run-on sentences..."
I agree, and comment to the fact.  I will be the first person to admit I suck at spelling and grammar any one who has read this blog for awhile knows that. These are reasons I offer my books for free. I even put right on the first page in the authors notes, not that anyone reads those, that I let the books go for free because I can't afford editing.
Anyway if you would like to read the full review and my reply it's here.

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