Monday, November 24, 2014

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 4- Part 2

Piper glanced back at the house as she pushed the old motorcycle down the drive. She'd done this many times sneaking out on her parents so she knew that no one would hear if she started it down the road a bit. Seeing no one stirring she turned back to the driveway and yanked the bike to a stop.
Mica stood blocking her path, arms folded. “What are you doing?” She demanded, stepping toward Piper.
“Going to get the few things we don't have. Medicine, mostly, before people get smart and start taking things other than narcotics and pain killers.”
Mica chewed on her bottom lip with her teeth for a moment then said, “I'll go with you.”
“No. I need you here. I don't trust the newbies. If it was just Topher and Shanna, I'd say yes, but those other guys not so much.”
Mica nodded, her gaze drifting to the still house behind them. “You're right. What about taking Topher?”
Piper shook her head. “I'll be faster alone.”
Mica snorted, “I'm sure those were the famous last line of someone in a zombie movie.”
Piper grinned and pulled her sister in for a hug. “I'll be careful, promise.”
“I'm holding you to that.”
Letting Mica go Piper pushed the old bike down the drive and on to the road. When she was far enough away she got on and started the engine. The throaty purr of the engine, soothed her. The motorcycle, a 1942 Indian 741, had been her great grandfather's, supposedly from WWII. It was still in great shape even after all these years, painted black with a star on the gas tank. She'd loved riding the thing and had learned how to maintain the mechanics from her Dad. With determination she drove down the winding back roads. Her first stop was in Adam's Center, the old vet clinic would be a good place to stop and see what she could find. Not only did very few people know about the place, but they probably wouldn't think of veterinarian to get meds from.
Pulling into the veterinarian's driveway she looked around, before shutting off the the bike. On her way here she'd noticed people casting quick glances from behind curtains and shades. She'd also been chased by the shambling undead. Not that they could keep up with the motorcycle, but it had still been unnerving. Getting off the bike she eyed the silent house, then the small building at the end of the driveway. The door to the clinic stood ajar, making Piper's already nervous stomach clench. Taking her pistol from it's holster she made her way slowly to the door.
Pushing it open cautiously she enter the pale green waiting room, with old crack linoleum and equal old hard plastic chairs. A counter ran part of the length of the far wall, with two doors behind it. From what she remembered one door was for entrance to the exam room and the other exited. She had to go through the exam room to get to the back where the medicine, and other stuff was kept. Crossing to the closest door, Piper gingerly pushed it open and edged into the room.
A low growl froze her mid-step. A large German Shepard stood teeth bared, hackles raised over the still twitching body of the old vet. The dogs brown and black fur was stained with blood across it's muzzle, down it's chest, as well as it's front legs and paws. Piper swallowed a gasps as she noticed the veterinarian's body had been mauled and lay in a stick rust colored pool, yet still moved. One milky eye fixed on her and it's near fleshless jaws snapped uselessly at air. The dog growled again, deep and menacing, showing more sharp blood stained teeth. Swallowing down the bile rising in her throat Piper aimed the twenty two pistol at the dog, waiting for it to attack. Instead the creature sniffed the air, whimpered, tail curling between it's legs and began to back up. A moment later it turned and bolted out the exit door.
Letting out a sigh Piper lowered her weapon and looked around for something to put the old doctor out of his misery. Finding a wooden broom, she pushed the rounded end through his temple. “Sorry, Doctor T,” She whispered, applying all her strength to the task. When the body stopped moving, she let go winching as the wood hit the cement floor with a crack. After a moment of silence for the veterinarian who had taken care of so many of her pets, she moved to the back room. One wall was lined with empty cages, on the left stood a huge dog crate with it's door mangled. To the right on the far side of the room stood a metal case and on the wall not two feet away hung a key ring.
As she passed the wall of cages a small whimper caught her attention. A tiny puppy huddle in one of the cages. It scampered toward the wire door as she approached, looking up at her hopefully. The puppy didn't look old enough to be away from it's mother. Unlocking the cage she picked it up, almost engulfing it with her hand. It looked like a little stuffed animal, yet wiggled and licked her thumb. There was no way the tiny creature would survive on it own. Unzipping her coat, Piper put the puppy in her inside pocket. It wiggled and squirmed, then finally settled down.
Zipping her coat back up, she hurried to the cabinet and grabbed the key. Opening the metal door, she grabbed everything filling her saddle bag with all it could handle. On her way out she grabbed a small bag of puppy food. Exiting the clinic she made her way to the motorcycle, strapped the dog food to the back, attached her saddle bag and got on. On stop down, one to go.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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