Monday, February 16, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 5- Part 2

Piper stopped the bike several feet from the makeshift road block. Two large pick-ups had been parked nose to nose a crossed the street. A large man in leather and denim climbed out, shotgun slung on his shoulder. He gazed at her for a moment, then yelled, “What's yer business?”
Piper returned the look for a moment, and clenched her jaw. She really didn't want to play her cards just yet, but she already could tell this guy was going to force the issue. Reluctantly she called back, “I'm looking for Gavin. He usually hangs out at the bar.” She pointed toward the building a few feet away.
The guy gave her the hairy eyeball for a few more seconds, then leaned into the truck. The other guy sitting in the cab, hopped out and ran over to the building. The burly biker leaned against the truck and watched her. After a minute or two Piper began to wonder if Gavin was even here. Just as she was getting ready to say screw it and go the long way around, the door to the bar flew open. Gavin strode out.
A smile tugged on her lips, as the young biker strode toward her. He was dressed in leather chaps over a pair of worn jeans, topped with a heavy leather jacket. “What the hell do you think you're doing?” He admonished, as he got closer.
“Oh, you know. Running errands, killing zombies, saving dogs... the usual.” She gave him a sweet smile. “Now will you tell King Kong to move so I can get through?”
“Not until you tell me where you think you're going.” He crossed his arms over his chest, but she noted the tiny smile he suppressed.
She huffed out a sigh, “Kinney's.”
He rubbed the stubble in his chin, studying her. “Fine, but I go with and we share what ever we find.”
Piper wrinkled her nose. “You can come, if you want, and take whatever. As far as I know it's still a free country. Just hurry your ass up, I'm wasting gas.”
Gavin chuckled, turned, nodded to the guy in the truck and headed toward the bikes in front of the bar. The truck roared to life and backed out of her way. Piper shot through the opening and passed Gavin who was getting his own ride. Only to be stopped a few miles down the road by another blockade which didn’t move until Gavin rode up behind her. She shot a quick glare at him, then darted between the trucks. Gunning the engine she buzzed down the road, ignoring the hunk on the cycle beside her. Piper’s attention was to the homes along the road and what they could be hiding. Her guard rose as they passed the school which looked as though people had barricaded the doors only to abandon it. Slowing they pulled into the store's parking lot which was surprisingly empty. Piper gestured for Gavin to follow her around back, the store would hide the bikes from any prying eyes that passed by. Parking the bikes, she grabbed the empty bags and looked around. Snow still lay in piles from where it had been plowed from the parking area. The parking lot was covered in a layer of grimy slush. The grassy area between the tractor store and the drug store was slushy and muddy but they could use it to make a quick escape if need be.
“So what’s the plan? Do we just walk in and say I need some meds?”
Piper shrugged, “I’m playing this by ear.” Tugging her jacket away from her she checked on the puppy. Seeing he was curled up in her pocket, she turned and walked around the building to the front doors. The outside doors seemed jammed open, and the inside turned off. Gavin grabbed one side, and she took the other pulling them open. Piper took a deep breath, sniffing for any sign of rot or decay. The bright overhead lights were on yet she didn't see or hear anyone or thing in the store. Slowly entering she carefully started moving toward the back of the store, where a large sign proclaimed Pharmacy. Gavin followed warily looking around, gun drawn. Taking the card aisle, she approached the pharmacy counter. The sound of a shotgun racking, had her back peddling as a man in a white lab coat and glasses stepped from the shelves with a twelve gauge pointed at them.
“What do you want?” He asked, and Piper noticed a tremor in his voice.
“Just some med.” Piper replied, raising her hands. “Some antibiotics, and painkillers. Stuff to get us by in case this doesn't straighten out.”
The guy lowered the gun. “You don't want to rob me?”
“No, we were only going to take what we needed for our groups.”
The guy studied them, as if having an internal debate then set the gun aside and waved them closer. “What do you need?”
“Like I said, antibiotics and painkillers.” Piper replied, setting the bags on the counter.
“That all. No birth control?” His eyes danced between her and Gavin.
She glanced back at the leather clad man, who grinned at her and waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “No birth control.”
“You wound me.” Gavin muttered.
Piper rolled her eyes, and the pharmacist chuckled taking the bags and moving between the shelves dumping bottles into them. As he did Piper walked to the back shelf and located some puppy chow, grabbing a bag she also tucked a few cans in her pockets. Returning to the counter she asked, “How much do we owe you?”
The pharmacist set the bags on the counter and waved her question away. “Nothing. The store has insurance and I'm sure we'll be looted before this is over. If it doesn't end... well you'll need it more than the looters, I suppose.”
“Thank you.” She replied, tossing a bag to Gavin and taking her own. The sound of revving engines had her spinning toward the door.
Gavin cursed. “Is there a back door?”
“Yeah. Why?”
“Well those a four wheeler engines and the good ol’ boys around here aren't crazy about us bikers taking over.”
The guy nodded in understanding and lead them to the doors to the store room. Quickly walking through he pushed open a backdoor which let them out right next to their bikes. “I'll keep them busy so you guys can go.”
“Thanks again.” Piper said, putting on her helmet and hopping on her bike. Luckily the sounds of engines, along with hooting and hollering drowned out the sound of their motorcycles as they zoomed a crossed the muddy lot between the stores then out onto the road. No one bothered to follow them as they drove toward Adams Center. When they reached a side road, Piper waved to Gavin and took the turn. She knew the road would let her bypass the blockade and bring her out across from where she wanted to be. The country road, was tree lined and the shadows had aloud the snow to stay on the road, instead of melting like it had on the main road. Taking the curves as fast as she dared, on the slipper cement, and eyeing every house along the way.
She groaned when she reached the end of the road, and Gavin sat straddling his bike, next to the stop sign. “What took you so long?” He called and Piper gave him the finger not bothering to stop.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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