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The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Piper shivered, wishing she'd grabbed a coat to put over her sweatshirt before coming out for watch. Even though May had been unseasonably warm, the early mornings were chilly and the thick fog wasn’t helping matters. Gavin reached over and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her close. They sat on the porch roof, looking out toward the road. With binoculars they could see as far as the highway, and watch the waves of zombies drifting away from Watertown. So far they had been lucky and only a few stragglers had stumbled their way.
Today the fog was so thick they could only see a few feet beyond the roof’s edge. Piper didn't like the lack of visibility. She raised the binoculars to her eyes, but all she could make out where dark shifting shapes in the mist. It was impossible to tell trees from animals or zombies. These living dead didn't even have the courtesy to moan. Lowering the binoculars she frowned and squinted into the fog. Some of the shapes seemed to be getting closer.
“I think we need to get everyone in the bunker.” She murmured, watching as a roughly humanoid shape stumbled toward the road fell and struggled back up. Picking up the walkie-talkie from the roof she keyed the mic, “Mica get everyone downstairs. This is not a drill.”
“Roger.” Was the quick reply.
The fog parted for a moment and they could see the field across the road from the house. At least twenty zombies stumbled and lurched over the muddy ground and even more figures moved behind them. This wave was headed right for them.
Gavin tugged on her shoulder, “Come on let’s get downstairs.”
She nodded, as he raised the window behind them and clamored inside, Piper followed a second later. They ran downstairs, double checking rooms as they went to make sure everyone had already gone down to the bunker. In the basement, Piper pushed Gavin ahead of her through the reinforced steel door leading to the underground bunker then yanked it shut behind her. The bunker wasn’t pretty in the least made from three old school buses, culvert pipe and cement block. It had been built for their family of four to ride out a nuclear blast should the power plant ever go. Industrial grade steel pipe lead from the house forming a hallway of sorts to the converted buses. Created from two short buses and one long bus, they had been put in the ground to form a T and welded together. Another pipe hallway lead from the end of the long bus to a rabbit hole in the barn for an escape hatch.
The long bus held the living area, kitchen and a tiny bathroom, a toilet now sitting where the driver's seat had been. One short bus held sleeping bunks and a changing area. The other a radio room, and surveillance set up. Stepping into the surveillance room, Piper found Mica already seated in the chair with the screens on. Even though the power had gone out weeks ago, they were able to run off the solar panels and windmill.
“Head count?” Piper asked standing behind Mica and peering at the screens.
“All accounted for and bitching.” Mica replied.
You're one to talk.”
Gavin chuckled sinking down into the chair next to Mica, and getting a frown from Piper. On the camera pointed toward the front yard figures started to stumble by. Transfixed they watched as the wave of zombies washed over them. The creatures bumped into one another and the house as they shuffled.
“There are so many of them. Where are they coming from?” Mica asked, looking up at Piper.
Shrugging and shaking her head, Piper replied, “The city I guess.”
“I didn't think Watertown was that big.” Gavin added, his eyes never leaving the screens.
“About thirty thousand people, not counting anyone there shopping or at the hospital.” Piper chewed on the inside of her lip and shook her head. “It’s Fort Drum. They would have turned it into a shelter, taking survivors there from the smaller towns and villages. They were sitting ducks.”
“You think Fort Drum got overrun by the zombies?” Topher asked from the doorway.
Piper jumped and puffed out a sigh. “Don't do that. Yeah.” She turned back to the screens and pointed, “There are several wearing fatigues. It’s hard to tell with the decay, but even some wearing normal clothes kinda look like GI’s.”
“That’s not good. It means this thing isn't going to end soon, doesn't it?” Topher asked, moving closer to look at the screens.
“It means this really is the fucking zombie apocalypse and you need to get with the program.” Mica replied.

“Language.” Piper barked but didn't correct her little sister beyond that. It was the fucking zombie apocalypse she'd known that when she'd put her stiletto through the skull of the Home Depot guy over a month ago.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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