Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 7 - Part 1

Chapter 7
Piper let the radio scan through the stations, she hadn’t heard any sort of broadcast in days. Picking up the mic she decided to give it one last try before shutting down. Keying the mic she said, “Is anyone out there? If you can hear me, please reply.” Pausing she looked around, then added, “Is anyone still alive out there? I just want to know that we're not alone.” Piper winced at the desperation in her voice. The waves of zombies had slowed to a trickle, yet they had been reluctant to leave the farm. The few trips she and Gavin had chanced to Adams had resulted in very little. Her father hadn’t planned for a group this big bugging in, and even with rationing supplies had started to dwindle.
The radio crackled startling her, then she heard. “You're not alone.”
Someone was out there, and had survived this long. In her excitement to reply she dropped the mic and had to fumble to pick it back up. “Thank the Goddess. My names Piper I'm with a few friend just North of Adams Center. You?”
The reply came back quick. “Name's Lyric. We're located up by Eagle Bay.”
“That's way up there, past Old Forged, right?”
Piper’s stomach tumbled, “Have you seen anyone else?”
“Just some religious nuts, they tried to attack us last night.”
Her hopes deflated, “Really? So we don't just have to worry about zombies trying to eat us.”
“Yeah, the zombies I can deal with. The nut jobs with guns, I'm not crazy about. Of course it's easy when they don't fight back.”
A laugh bubbled out of Piper’s throat. “True. We've been hit hard down here. The zombies are moving out of the city, Watertown that is, they've been hitting us in waves. Big waves.”
“Sorry to hear that, will you be ok?”
“Not sure.” Piper’s worries suddenly poured out now that she had someone outside of the group to talk to. “Supplies are dwindling and we've been talking of heading to one of those fancy islands out by Alex Bay. Know where that is?”
“Yeah, I know where you're talking about. Won't most those places be shut up? I mean it wasn't exactly warm when this thing went down, and most those places are summer houses.”
“That's what we're hoping. We'll have to find a marina to get a boat, but at least out in the water no zombies.”
“Until the river freezes and they can walk over.”
“I'm hoping they're all goop before that happens.”
“Do you know what's going on with those things?”
“Only what the news and internet said, before they went down. It was a terrorist attack that backfired going global. They infiltrated meat packing plants and infected the meat with a mutated strain of the Ebola virus. Just before the internet went down we caught some talk of the virus mutating again, but I'm not a scientist.”
“Same here.” There was a pause then Lyric added, “We think that the newer zombies might have mutated to be more hostile and last longer than the original ones.”
Piper was silent for a moment. “Ok, are you studying them or something?”
“No, just an observation.” Lyric paused again. “I'm going to get off now, but if you want to talk later or tomorrow I'll try to catch you.”
Piper felt a pang of disappointment, but tramped it down. “Sure, how about around the same time tomorrow?”
“Ok. Talk to you then.” Came the reply.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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