Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 7 - Part 2

Piper jotted down the frequency they’d been using then, turned off the equipment. Lyric had given her a lot to think about. Heading out of the bunker, Piper’s eyes scanned the shelves of the cellar. No matter how much they rationed, the food wouldn't last. The garden would help, if it grew and they canned. Maybe they could find some abandoned farm animals, at the nearby farms. Piper drew in a breath and let it out slowly. The plan just hadn't been for this many people. Twice as many people, meant supplies diminished twice as fast.
The sound of motors grabbed Piper’s attention, from upstairs Mica called, “We have company.”
Jogging up the stairs, she found everyone in the living room peering out the windows.
“It’s some of the local yolkes from Adams.” Gavin said, glancing at her then back out the window.
Piper squeezed in next to him, peeking out the window. “They're tearing up the yard. What do they want?”
Probably raiding houses looking for supplies.” Topher muttered from a crossed the room.
“Why are they being so loud? Aren't they afraid those things will hear?” Shanna asked.
“They're cocky.” Gavin replied.
“Weapons guys.” Piper barked, “We need to show these yahoos that we mean business and aren't scared of their stunts.”
Mica scampered away, with Jacob and Camden on her heels. They returned a few moments later ladened down with guns. Piper pulled her AR-15 from Mica’s hands, while Gavin choose a shotgun, the other’s tentatively grabbed from the remaining rifles. Piper watched out the window as the fourwheelers slowed then came to a stop in front of the house.
“You're not going to shoot them, are you? I mean maybe if they know there are people in here armed, they'll just go away.” April said, holding her rifle like it was going to bite her.
Sighing Piper, looked at Gavin. “Worth a try.” Gavin shrugged and nodded. “Ok so Gav and I will go out to talk with them. Shanna, Stalker Chick go upstairs and keep an eye out from the front windows, if anything looks funny let us know.” Shanna nodded, grabbed April’s arm and headed for the stairs. “Topher and Cam check out back to make sure none are coming that way, just in case.” They nodded and headed toward the back of the house. “You two cover us from these windows.” Piper looked up at Gavin again, “Ready?”
“As I'll ever be.”
Outside the fourwheelers had stopped and the men had gotten off, edging toward the house. They stopped in their tracks as Gavin and Piper stepped on the porch.
“That’s far enough.” Gavin called, “We've got ten guns trained on ya’ll.”
The men raised their arms, there were only three and each carried a hunting rifle. One called out, “we’re just looking for supplies and thought this place was abandoned. Clearly it’s not, we'll just be on our way.” The began backing up. Piper and Gavin watched them get on their vehicles and take off.
“That was way to easy,” Piper murmured when they were out of sight.
“Agreed. They be back with reinforcements, someone should stay on guard tonight.”
Piper nodded then added, as they walked back into the house. “I got someone on the radio, she said her group had being having trouble with other survivors in her area too.”
Gavin snorted, “people are going to take advantage of the situation. Society has broken down, hon, marshal law and all that. We're going to have to fight for what’s ours now.” He put his arm around her waist as they entered the house.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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