Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 8 - Part 1

Piper drummed her fingers on the desk waiting for Lyric to come through. Finally she picked up the mic, “Hey Lyric this is Piper you on?”
“Yeah I'm here.” Even though the staticy radio Piper could hear the strain in Lyric’s voice.
“You sound like shit. Those other guys giving you a hard time still?”
“No we took care of them, well a zombie wave took care of them.”
Unsure how sympathetic to be Piper replied, “Sucks to be them.”
Lyric recounted how they had gone to the town, the encounter with the undead wave and the rantings of “The Rev”. She told Piper how according to The Rev the Nazis were behind the outbreak and Piper felt her stomach twist. Nazis? She knew of the conspiracy theories saying the heads of the Nazi party had fled to Argentina. How supposedly Hitler himself escaped there after the war. Everyone had heard about how NASA was built on the backs of Nazi scientists brought over after the war. But these were just theories and hear say, nothing concrete ever came up to prove them. At least that she knew of, but then she never really cared World War II was before her time.
When Lyric finished all Piper could say is, “That's some fucked up shit.”
“You have no idea.”
Mica bursted into the control room, breathing hard as if she had run all the way to the bunker. “P, you have to come... it’s crazy.
“Hey Lyric, I'll be right back one of my roomies wants me to see something.”
Piper raced after Mica, when she paused at the first floor Mica grabbed her arm yanking her up to the second. Mica pushed Piper in front of her bedroom window and pointed over the trees. A huge black and grey mushroom shaped cloud hung on the horizon. “Please, Mics, tell me everyone is inside.”
“They are.”
“Get them down to the bunker. Now!”
Mica bolted and Piper raced from room to room, making sure windows and doors were secure. In the kitchen she grabbed a case of MRE’s and bottled water from the pantry. At the basement door, Gavin relieved her of the water carrying it down after her. “How bad is it?”
Piper shook her head, outside she projected calm for those around her, inside her stomach rolled and tears threatened to drop any minute. Her father's worst case scenario was playing out. He’d warned them if a zombie apocalypse happened there wouldn’t be anyone to run the plants full time which meant they’d go sooner or later. Entering the bunker she found everyone huddled in the command center. Setting down the case of MRE’s she walked over to the radio. “Lyric how close are you to Lake Ontario?”
“Not close.”
“Good because the power plant just blew.”
“What power plant?”
“The nuclear one.” Everyone in the room eyes turned to her, fear filling them.
“Holy shit! Are you guys going to be ok?”
“We’ll be fine, we have a bomb shelter.” Piper reached over and flipped a camera on. From it’s position she could see the windsock her dad had put up a lifetime ago. “We’re upwind so most the radioactive crap will be carried over the lake and toward Canada.” Her eye’s went back to her freaked out friends and she lied, “I have a plan.”
The radio crackled, “That’s good to hear. If you can leave come here. We’re rebuilding Big Moose and could use more people.”
Piper moved to the map of New York hung on the wall, stretching the mics cord behind her. “That’s near Old Forge, right?”
“Couple miles north.”
It was outside the contamination zones, but if the wind picked up it could blow radioactive dust hundreds of miles. There was still the potential for radiation sickness. The lake and river were right out. Going south would require a circumventive route. Not only would there be a huge fire, higher risk of radiation, but the bigger cities would have more zombies and they’d seen the waves moving south out of Watertown. A chill raced down Piper’s back as a thought hit her, radioactive zombies.
Her eyes drifted south, and the number of little yellow radioactive markers seemed staggering. If one of the plants on the lake had a meltdown which of the others had also. For now they were safe in the shelter, but the supplies were dwindling.
“Thanks, Lyric we’ll consider it. I’ll radio you later.”
“Be safe.”
“Will do, you too.” Piper walked back over to the radio and hung up the mic. Leaning against the desk she rubbed her forehead. Looking up she found seven pairs of uncertain and fearful eyes on her.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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