Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 9 - Part 1

Chapter 9
Piper looked over the road map folded to show the route they’d be taking to Big Moose. As much as she didn’t want to the most direct way was through Adams Center, taking one seventy seven to Lowville, then driving down the number four road directly to Big Moose. The route would also keep them from having to deal with any big cities or towns. Once they reached Lowville they would be out of the contamination zone and she would feel better.
Mica skipped into the control room. “You have to see what the guys have done to the bus.”
Piper hope it was the modifications she’d discussed with Gavin last night. She given Shanna and April the job of taking stock of the supplies and boxing them for the drive. While the guys had gone up to the barn to modify her dad’s monster bus for zombie fighting. Entering the barn she took in what the guys had been working on. The bus sat on huge off road wheels several feet in the air, just like it always had, and now boasted chicken wire welded over the windows and windshield. The front door to the bus had a piece of steel about waist high over the lower half with chicken wire covering the top. Both these additions made it so the windows and door could be opened, yet keep the occupants safe. They were good additions to the shatter resistant glass already in place, a safety feature her dad had built in. Having been created for the sole purpose of destroying other vehicles, the bus had a lot of safety features required for the demolition derbies her dad had taken the thing to.
Gavin voice cut into her thoughts as they walked around the bus. “The old man knew what he was doing with this thing. The underside is secure so nothing will fly up and jam the engine. Only thing I can’t find is diesel.”
Mica giggled, “It doesn’t run on diesel.”
“The engines more of a flex fuel system. I don’t know the exact mechanics but this bad boy runs on daddy’s moonshine.” Piper said, affecting a southern twang on the end.
“I knew I liked your dad,” Gavin said with a grin.
Piper returned it with a sad smile, “He liked you too.”
Turning her attention back to the bus, a roll out ladder hung from the rear exit of the bus. Hoisting herself inside Piper looked around. All but the first two rows of seats had been removed, to make room for supplies. On closer inspection she found the chicken wire hadn’t just been welded on but also bolted. Sharp screw tips pointed out, ready to shred grabby undead hands.
“You guys have been busy.”
Gavin shrugged, “we just reinforced what was already here.”
Piper nodded, and sighed. “Ok go get cleaned up and we’ll start packing supplies. I want to head out first thing in the morning.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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