Saturday, September 19, 2015

Author's Note- Surprises and Updates

So Book 3 has taken some surprising turns that I didn't even see coming folks. Which is pretty interesting since I'm the author. I have to admit that Piper and Mica are two characters who have had minds of their own as I was working on this. I'd be going in one direction completely happy with the way things were progressing and then bam... monkey wrench. I guess that's one of the reasons it's taken so long for me to get through this book. Well that and all the extra research I had to do.
But it's finished and once the last segment has posted I will be uploading the entire book on Smashwords. This actually gives me a breather to edit and what not. I'm curious as to who would like to see the series thus far posted as a boxset. I received 1 response which was yes, but I extended the poll (top of sidebar) to see if anyone else wants to weigh in.
I've started book 4, originally named Cleo but now Chloe, (don't ask) somehow she has morphed from my original character into something else. Of course this tends to happen and all the Survivalistas have shifted and grown as the books progressed. I have outlines and ideas rolling around for some more books as well. I'm not sure how many books the series will have and since each one is it's own story (for the most part) I can keep going as long as I have ideas and people keep reading. I'm having fun working on these and I hope folks are enjoying them. I have to admit Chloe is rather different from the other girls so be ready for that.
I'm considering doing a book tour with the series, I'd have to do this on my own since I don't have the money for a company to do it. Although it's a lot of time and energy to do a tour. I'd have to petition bloggers and then write up guest posts (which I suck at) and... holy wow that's a lot of work. I'd rather pay someone to do it for me. Yes, I'm that lazy.
In other news the giveaway had really good response so I'll be doing another one in October. I signed up for the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop of course it will be zombie themed again. Also I'm going to be hitting up some other authors to get guest post of course these will be all zombie related. So stay tuned for those...
I'm considering posting reviews of zombie books, I added another poll for your input on this too.
I guess that's all for now.

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