Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 9 - Part 2

They hadn’t left quite as early as Piper had hoped. Wrangling grumpy teens out of bed wasn’t as easy as her mother had made it seem. But now they were on the road, Piper and Gavin on the motorcycles and the rest of the group in the bus. Topher was still a little sketchy driving the behemoth, but he was getting the hang of it. Communicating through headset walkie-talkies, Gavin and Piper scouted ahead for road blocks, zombies, and other survivors.
With a burst of speed Piper popped out of the four way stop and took the corner to fast, dumping the old bike. The sound of an on coming motor was surprising and terrifying as the huge SUV barreled toward her. Her bad leg was wedged under the bike, making it impossible for Piper to get up. The SUV jerked to the right, skidded with a squeal of tires over the embankment and into the tree line. With a feeling of helplessness she watched the blonde head in the driver seat bounce around then the airbag deployed. The sound of breaking trees, crunching metal, and shattering glass reached her. She sat frozen, even when the weight of the bike was lifted off her leg.
“Piper,” Gavin’s worried face appeared in her vision, snapping her out of it.
“There’s someone in the SUV.” Pushing to her feet she winced as pain radiated up and down her leg from the knee.
Concern flashed on Gavin’s face. “You stay here I’ll go check.”
Stomach twisting Piper did as he suggested, watching Gavin run to the vehicle and pull a girl from the driver’s seat. Suddenly Mica was next to her, squatting down.
“You ok, P?”
“Yeah, just dumped the bike and wrenched my knee. I’ll be fine.” She looked up as Gavin lay the unconscious SUV driver in front of her. The girl was about Mica’s age, her chest rose and fell rhythmically. She sported a large bruise on her forehead near the hairline, which was old judging from the color. On her left temple there was another bruise forming with a cut and a trickle of blood. The airbag had done some damage as well, giving her a case of raccoon eyes and a bloody nose. Small cuts dotted her arms, chest and face. Her left hand lay at an odd angle signaling that her wrist was probably broken.
“Mica get the first aide kit.” With a quick nod, Mica ran toward the bus.
Piper tentatively ran her finger down the girls nose, and breathed a sigh of relief. “Not broken. Probably just a concussion, hopefully.” Looking the girl over, Piper’s eyes lingered on the matching set of Browning twenty two caliber pistols on her hips. “She looks in good health.”
“Cars packed with supplies.” Gavin added.
Mica returned with the first aide kit handing it to Piper. Using an Ace bandage she wrapped the broken wrist aligning it as best she could. “It really should have a cast.” Piper sighed, and looked at Gavin. “Can you get her in the bus. Grab Topher and get the supplies from the vehicle along with any of her stuff. We can’t just leave her here.”
“No problem.” He eyed her sitting on the road. “What about you?”
She waved away his concern. “I’m fine.”
Gavin nodded, lifting the girl up he carried her to the bus. Mica started to follow and Piper grabbed her shirt. “Help me up.”
Concern flicked through Mica’s eyes, reaching down she wrapped an arm around Piper’s waist and helped her to her feet. Leaning on Mica, Piper took in her torn jeans and road rash. Piper winced, putting weight on her sore leg.
“From one to stepping on a Lego how bad is it?” Mica asked, glancing at her leg.
Piper smiled, “around a GI Joe.” Mica grinned and helped her get the motorcycle back on it’s wheels. “I want you to keep an eye on our new friend. Let me know when she wakes up.”
Mica gave she a smartass salute, and headed for the bus passing Gavin as she climbed back in. Gavin came over as Piper straddled the bike.
“You ok to drive that thing?”
“Yeah. Not my first wipeout.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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