Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 10 - Part 3


Piper was furious, hot righteous rage poured through every millimeter of her body. She glared at Donovan as he spoke to Mica and Ava. The boys had been lucky that Gavin and Donovan had come out with her. When she’d found the one crying on the bus floor holding his crotch with his pants undone, she’d been tempted to take Ava’s gun and shoot him herself.
Gavin put his hand on her shoulder and she flinched him off. “Piper, Mica’s fine, you can’t blame yourself for this. It’s a new dangerous world.”
“I don’t blame myself, currently I’m blaming Jacob for bring them on the bus in the first place. The kid is a giant pain in my ass.”
“What do you want to do with him?”
Piper looked up at Gavin, his eyes were hard and she realized he was as mad as she was. Gavin loved Mica like she was his own little sister.
“Donny said we can leave him here.”
She shook her head and looked back at the girls. “Let Mica decide.”
Donovan got to his feet and came to where they stood in the back of the bus. Gavin’s brother had been a State Trooper before this whole mess had started and led the small mostly law enforcement biker gang. After taking over the school he’d become the unofficial leader of the survivors hold up inside.
Donovan ran a hand through his hair. “I need about ten guys just like your sister and her friend, Piper.”
Piper blinked at him unsure what to say, she knew her little sister was tough and could take care of herself but it didn’t mean she had to like it.
He continued, “the girls are going to be fine and would have been totally justified shooting each of those wanna be criminals. These three punks have been trouble from day one. I just hope this was the first time and the last time they try something like this. Most the girls Mica’s age here are pretty shell shocked, I don’t think they’d put up a fight like Mica did. Those two,” he jerked his thumb to where Mica and Ava sat. “Are going to be the ones who survive this thing. I will deal with the boys. Mica assured me that nothing happened, but nowadays we have to be tougher than before. For me attempted rape is just as bad.”
Piper felt a swell of pride replace some of the anger she was feeling. “Thanks Donny. You know you can come with us, to Big Moose. Their trying to rebuild and take in survivors.”
“Thanks, P, but we have a good thing going here.”
“Fine, but you know where the bunker is if you ever need a fall back. We left the door unlocked.”
Donovan smiled, “good to know. Now I have to go take care of some little jerks.”
Piper looked up at Gavin as Donovan climbed down the ladder. “Would you go round up everybody? We’re leaving in ten, if their ass isn’t in the bus they stay behind.”
“Yes, Ma'am.” He gave her a salute and followed his brother.
Piper walked over to where the girls we’re sitting. Mica was now sporting a bruise to her forehead, a bloody nose and a cut lip all from the headbutt she’d performed. It seemed the altercation had sealed the girls new friendship as Ava’s good hand was entangled in Mica’s. Mica had her head leaning back against the seat eyes closed. Piper had to wonder how much of the cool collected facade these girls projected was the real deal. “Hey, sorry to throw this at you Mics but we need to know is Jacob staying or going?”
Mica’s eyes popped open and the girls exchanged a glance, before Mica looked at her. “He’s a prick, but we can’t just dump him with a group of strangers. He already lost his family, we’re all he’s got and it wouldn’t be right.” Mica’s eyes flashed and a hard look came over her face. “But if he does anything like this again, he’s zombie chow.”
Piper couldn’t help but smile. Mica was way more compassionate than she would have been in her position.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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