Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 11 - Part 1

Chapter 11
Mica’s eyes flew open as the voice came through the CB over Topher’s head. Fighting through the nauseating pain in her head she got to her feet, making her way to the front of the bus and grabbed the mic. She’d only caught the words, lyric, Big Moose and Piper.
“This is Piper’s sister Mica, please repeat Big Moose.” She said into the mic.
“Mica this is Lyric in Big Moose, we were wondering if your group could pick up supplies while on your way. Anything... food, medical, clothes, would be helpful.”
“Let me check with Piper.” Setting the mic in the cradle Mica keyed her headset. “Piper, Lyric just contacted their wondering if we can pick up supplies somewhere along the route.”
“There's a Wal-Mart just outside Lowville.” Topher said, glancing at her then back to the road.
“T says there’s a Wal-Mart outside Lowville. I don’t remember there being any big box stores up in the mountains, might be our only shot.”
“You know things never go well when survivors go into those places in the zombie books and movies, right?” Piper replied. “We have supplies in the bus.”
“It’s a whole town, P, this might last a week.”
“Fine. First sign of trouble we’re gone like Grandma’s bra.”
Mica chuckled, at the reminder of their eccentric grandmother who insisted on burning bras. “Ok, I’ll let Lyric know.” Mica grabbed the CB mic again, looking down at Topher. “Head for Wally World.” Pressing the mic’s button in her best trucker voice she said, “ten four good buddy, we’ll be on the lookout for some grub.”
There was a staticy laugh then Lyric’s voice, “that’s great. Thank you so much. Big Moose, out.”
Mica hung the mic back up. “How long before we get to Lowville?”
Topher shrugged, “Half hour tops.”
“Have somebody wake me up when we get there.” Mica moved to the back of the bus and rummaged around until she found what she was looking for then sat back down in her seat next to Ava. “Wanna split a Vicodin? You have to be in more pain than I am.”
Ava stared at her for a moment, then conceded. “Yeah, my arm hurts like crazy.”
“Thought so.” Mica sawed the white pill in half, handing one part to Ava she swallowed her own section. Closing her eyes she settled into the seat, pressing her knees into the back of the seat ahead of them. As she waited for the medicine to take effect, Mica felt Ava get comfortable next to her. The other girl's head resting against her shoulder. She’d felt a kinship for Ava right from the get go, but after the ordeal with the three stooges Mica felt she had someone other than Piper she could rely on to have her back. With her cheek resting against the top of Ava’s head Mica fell asleep.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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