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The Survivalistas- Book 3: Piper- Chapter 10 - Part 1

Chapter 10
Mica looked at the young woman laying on the seat, she was pretty when you looked past the cuts and bruises. Reaching out she brushed a few strands of hair off other woman's face. Sighing she pulled out an alcohol pad from the first aide kit on her lap and began cleaning the tiny cuts.
“So is she ok?” Camden asked, peering over the seat in front of them.
Mica gave him a looking asking if he was stupid, then said, “does she look ok?”
“He means was she bit?” Jacob popped up next to Camden looking down at them.
“Not sure yet, but I doubt it.” Mica replied, dabbing at a cut on the girls cheek. The woman moaned and shifted on the seat.
“Why do you doubt it?” Camden asked.
“She’s clean, has supplies… She was somewhere safe. Besides look at those guns.” Appreciation crept into Mica’s voice. “This girl knows how to take care of herself. She would have been fine if Piper hadn’t wiped out in front of her vehicle.”
“Yeah well take good care of her, Hot Stuff, we might have to repopulate the world.” Jacob said grinning before sinking back down in the seat.
Mica clenched her jaw and went back to tending the wounded woman in front of her. Jacob had turned into a giant ass as soon as he discovered he was safe. More than once she’d come close to punching him. At first she had wondered if this was just his way of dealing with everything, but after spending time with him and Camden she’d realized it was just how he acted.
Shanna appeared at the end of the seat. “Here’s an ice pack, it’s one of those instant ones you have to shake to make cold.”
“Thanks,” Mica took the offered pack, smacking it on the floor she shook it until it got cold. Wrapping it in a wash cloth she placed it on the blond’s forehead.
“She going to be ok?”
Mica shrugged, “hopefully.” Snapping the first aide kit shut she handed it to Shanna then climbed up into the seat laying the young woman’s head on her lap. Holding the ice pack in place Mica stared out the window absently stroking the woman’s hair now and again. A slight whimper escaped the girl causing Mica to look down, and raise the ice pack. Her lids fluttered then blinked open, revealing eyes that reminded Mica of the Caribbean. Mica smiled, “You’re awake.”
Placing the ice pack back on the girl’s forehead, she added,“You might want to stay lying down, you hit your head pretty good in that accident and I’m pretty sure your arms broke too.”
The woman groaned, her eyes closing and face scrunching up in pain. After a moment she looked back up at Mica and licked her lips. “Where am I?”
“Oh sorry, bad manners.” Mica offered another smile. “I’m Mica and you’re on our bus. Don’t worry we’ll take care of you.”
She gave a slight nod, her eyes falling shut again.
Mica keyed the headset, “Piper she woke up.”
After a moment Piper came back, “any information.”
“Not yet, she’s kind of out of it.”
“Ok keep me informed.” There was a burst of static then Piper added, “Let Topher know that we’re coming up on Adams Center and the bridge is out.”
“Will do.” Mica shifted slightly and the girls eyes flew open. “Sorry. I’ll be right back.” Setting her head on a rolled up sleeping bag Mica got to her feet and made her way to the front of the bus. “Hey T, Piper said that the bridge to Adams Center is out. We’ll have to cut over eighty-one.”
“Wait, I’m not sure I’m ready for off roading.”
Mica glanced over her shoulder, “Shanna would you keep an eye on our guest?”
“Sure.” Shanna walked over to the seat where the young woman lay.
“Let me drive, T.”
“What?” He gave her a quick glance, then turned back to the road. “You can drive this thing? Do you even have your licence?”
“Yes and permit.” Mica grinned at him. “Who do you think test drove this bad boy for Pops?”
“Ok, but if Piper gets mad it’s on you.”
Mica keyed the headset, “Piper we’re switching drivers. Topher’s not crazy about the idea of off roading, I’m taking over.”
“All right, take it easy.”
Mica’s grin widened as she took over the driver seat and clasped the harness. Revving the engine she eased the bus down the on ramp to eighty one, then drove it over the median and all the lanes before going back up the off ramp. Piper and Gavin waited ahead, waving when they saw her, then driving off. Mica drove carefully into town. The Nice n’ Easy had been raided, gas nozzles abandoned on the ground and a truck rammed through the front doors. The deeper they got into the village the more signs of chaos appeared. Houses had smashed windows, doors hung open, cars flipped on their sides, mangled around telephone poles or just plain abandoned.
Piper came over the headset, “Mics you got a pile up in front of the library. Want us to wait?”
“Just stay out of the way, we’ll get over it.” Mica replied, speeding up. “Buckle up boys and girls… It’s going to get a little bumpy.”
A wicked smile crossed her lips as she saw the smashed cars blocking the road. The bus heaved up and rolled over the cars as though they were nothing more than a speed bump, land with a jolt on the otherside.
“Son of a bitch!” Piper cried into Mica’s ear. “There is a huge crowd of zombies up ahead. It looks like their trying to get into the school.”
“Hang back. I’ll take care of them.”
“No worries, P. I got this.” Mica sped up, her heart pounding as she plowed into the crowd of zombies before they could even turn. The huge tires crushed the decaying creatures, smashing and smearing them over the road. Behind her April screamed as a few of the dead heads clung to the chicken wire. Mica whipped the bus around for another pass, and the rotten flesh gave way. Putrid body part flew in all directions from the massive tires. Over the purr of the engine and the crunch of bones under the wheels Mica heard cheering. She chanced a glance out the window and saw a group of men standing on a bus which had been flipped on it’s side to form a blockade. Swinging the monster bus around for the third time, Mica took out the rest of the group which had been pounding on the buses roof before pulling to a stop. The men jumped down, crushing the skulls of the monsters still moving on the ground.
“Holy shit, that was so cool. You really are Jill Valentine, Mica.” Camden cried, pumping his fist in the air.
“Oh my god, Mica, never do that again. I was scared shitless.” Shanna chasitized.
Mica turned to look at her passengers, April was clinging to the seat looking pale. Both boys were thrilled, looking at her with awe. Topher was looking out the window an unreadable look on his face. Shanna was to tending their guest, who was sitting up grinning at her. Mica felt a smile pull at her lips as the headset crackled.
“Good job, Sis, that was pretty awesome.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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