Monday, December 21, 2015

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 1 - Part 2

Chloe nodded, leaning her head against the window watching the city rush by. A woman in pajamas ran from a limping man in his bathrobe. The man’s face held the same rage as Paul’s had, and something red stained his mouth.
“I’m Luke. What’s your name, hon?” He asked drawing her attention away from the craziness outside.
“Chloe, Chloe Parker.” She paused then asked, “Do you mind if I prop my foot on your dash?”
“Nah, better to elevate it right.”
“Yeah,” she forced a smile as her brain kicked back into normal mode. Propping her foot on the dash, she grimaced as she saw that it had swelled to the size of a grapefruit and was turning a nasty shade of purple. She’d gotten worst in Roller Derby, but it still meant no training for awhile. Sighing, she studied her savior to keep her mind off what was happening. Luke was a decent looking guy, he was trim, although Chloe didn’t think his physique was from working out. Blue eyes looked out from under shaggy blond hair, he was probably a year or two older than herself.
“You know I thought you were a kid, that’s why I stopped.” He chuckled.
Chloe frowned at him. “Yes, I know I’m vertically challenged.” At four eleven she was shorter than most women, and only currently weighed a hundred and two pounds. Given that her father was a little person and her mother only reached five feet, she was lucky to be that tall. She’d been told more than once that she had a Napoleon Complex and anger issues. Paul had given her an outlet for the anger teaching her to fight and training her for mixed martial arts. He’d also introduced her to Trixie who had drawn her into Roller Derby.
Tears pricked the back of her eyes, poor Paul she had to send some help for him once she got to the hospital. Was he lying at the bottom of the stairs in pain, while she was sitting here?
“Hey I didn’t mean anything by that…”
She shook her head, knowing if she opened her mouth she would start sobbing.
“You’re boss?”
She nodded.
“Sorry, here.” He tossed a cell phone at her. “Maybe you can get through to someone.”
Swiping the screen, she glanced at the signal indicator three bars. Bring up the phone function she dialed nine-one-one surprised when she got through. She relayed the situation to the frantic sounding dispatch operator. After being assured that as soon as they we’re able they would send someone out she hung up. It was the best she could do.
“Thanks again.”
He nodded, taking the phone back and putting it in his pocket. “Do you mind if I turn on the radio? I want to see if we can figure out what’s going on.”
Chloe shrugged, “It’s your truck.”
Reaching over he snapped the radio on. “For those of you just tuning in, there has been an incident at Samaritan Hospital. At this time we are not privy to the exact details but police have been called and are cordoning off that area of Washington Street...”
Chloe felt her phone buzz in her pocket and she pulled it out. It was her brother swiping it quickly she answered. “Gordy.”
“Thank god, Chloe. I’ve been trying all morning. Do you know what’s going on?” She didn’t get a chance to reply. “Please tell me you're safe at home, people are going crazy. It’s like the bath salts thing but a hundred times worse. Mom and Dad are staying with me and Betty until this is over. You’re going to be ok up there?”
“I’m fine and you guys live in Florida it’s the capital of crazy. Just keep Mom and Dad safe Gordy, don’t worry about me.”
“Chloe this thing isn’t just down here…” The signal dropped and the phone went dead.
Fighting the urge to toss the phone out the window she looked at Luke. “Apparently some weird stuffs going on all over the country.”
As if on cue they heard gunshots in the distance. Luke’s face paled slightly, “Do you know how to shoot a gun?”
“Shoot yes, hit anything bigger than a barn no.”
He shot her a grin, “just in case we need it there’s a pistol in the compartment between the seats.”
“Should I be worried that you carry a gun?” She asked leaning away from him.
“It’s for protection. I’m a long haul trucker, one end of the country to the other. Some places I’ve driven haven’t been the safest.”
Chloe relaxed slightly turning back to the window, from the corner of her eye she watched Luke reach up and monkey with some dials on the CB mounted over his head. He frowned and turned a few more, static filled the cab drowning out the music coming from the radio. “Shit,” he muttered, turning it back down. Grabbing, what she assumed from watching Smokey and the Bandit was, the mic he spoke into it. “Anyone out there, come on back.”
Suddenly the DJ came back on the radio, “We have a news alert just in, the city of Watertown has a travel ban in effect. People are requested to remain in their homes, don’t go anywhere unless absolutely necessary. If you are already out, stay at your current location if possible or go directly home. All schools, college classes, Urgent Cares, and hospitals are closed. If you are in need of medical help called nine-one-one.” There was a pause, then the DJ continued, “Listen folks there's some bad shit going down in the city, stay home. We’ve heard gun shots not to far from here, the city cops have shut down most of Washington St. and the station has lost contact with our booth at the Irish Festival. We’ve gotten reports of riots in Syracuse and several pile ups on eighty-one. If you are driving or outside for whatever reason use caution. Hopefully the situation will be brought under control soon.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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