Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 3 - Part 1

Chapter 3
Luke pulled into a dirt driveway, in front of a yellow double wide trailer. Next door was a large farm house, and behind it a red barn.
“Home, sweet, home.”
Chloe gave him a tight smile, picking up her backpack and reaching for the door. Bracing herself she slid out of the cab, wince as the pain once again radiated up her leg. Shutting the door, she used the truck to limp toward the house. Luke appeared beside her and unceremoniously swung her up into his arms.
“I can walk.”
“Limp, sweetie, you can limp.”
“First don’t call me sweetie. Second do you have a hero complex?”
He chuckled, “Maybe.” Luke carried her up the steps, setting her down on the porch to unlock and open the door. Wrapping an arm around her waist he helped her to the couch, where she plopped down. “Make yourself at home.”
Chloe glanced down at her ankle. “I really hate to impose, anymore than I already am, but can I use your tub?”
“Sure, but don’t you want to ice it?”
“A warm soak, with epsom salt would be ideal first.” Chloe grimaced. “This isn’t my first sprain, I’ve had more than my share during roller derby.”
Luke raised an eyebrow then shrugged. “Me Casa, Su Casa.”
“At least until this thing is resolved.”
“Right. Listen the bathroom is down the hall last door on the left, if you hit the bedroom you went too far. I’m going over to the house and check in with my brother and his family.”
“Kay.” Chloe pushed herself to her feet again, and hobbled toward the hall.
“Hey, epsom salt is under the sink.”
Chloe smiled over her shoulder at him. “Thank you, for well everything.”
Luke grinned, and gave her a dramatic bow.
Using the wall to steady her, Chloe limped down to the bathroom and clicked on the light. The room was plain white, completely utilitarian, but clean. A single toothbrush sat in a cup next to the sink, along with a tube of toothpaste and can of shaving cream. After locking the the door, Chloe set her backpack on the counter and unzipped it. Thankful that she always packed an extra set of clothes, for after her workout. Setting the clothes on the counter, she glanced in the mirror. No wonder Luke was taking pity on her, she did look like a scared kid. Her blond hair stuck out at strange angles coming loose from her pony tail. Big haunted blue eyes stared back at her from a too pale face splattered with drops of mud. Frowning at herself, Chloe shook her head and knelt down to looked under the sink for the epsom salts. Taking the box out, she put the plug in the tub turned on the water and poured some in. Returning the box to the cabinet she stripped and slid into the warm water. Soaking until the water cooled, she pulled herself out, dried off on a fluffy towel that was hanging over the shower curtain and got dressed.
Limping back out to the living room, she tossed her pack on the couch. Luke had left a pile of blankets and pillows on the couch, with a note.
“Ice pack in freezer, help yourself.”
Chloe smiled, and shook her head. Going into the kitchen she found the ice pack and returned to the couch flopping down. Propping her foot on the pile she snatched up the remote and turned on the T.V..

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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