Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 4 - Part 2

Sofia spoke up, “Honey, go get your brother and clean up for dinner.”
Maria scampered out of the room, yelling. “RJ!”
Going back to her cooking, Sofia added. “Luke would you get Rob out of the man cave.”
Giving a snappy salute, he said, “On it.” Then took off out of the kitchen.
After standing for an uncomfortable moment, Chloe asked, “can I help?”
“Oh no, Honey, you're our guest sit. Tell me about yourself.”
“Uh,” Chloe pulled out a chair and sat at the kitchen table. “What do you want to know?”
“The usual,” Sofia smiled over her shoulder.
“Kay, well I’m the middle child and only girl in my family. My parents and older brother live in Florida, he’s married with three kids. My little brother lives in Chicago, at least that’s the last place we heard from him.”
“You must be worried about them.”
Chloe nodded, “yeah I am a little. I mean I know Gordy will take care of Betty, the kids, Mom and Dad. Benny… well he’s resilient.”
Sofia chuckled, “no offence but it makes me glad that I’m an only child. So why are you up here?”
“Grew up in La Fargeville, my parents had a small farm. One cow, a pig, some chickens, and a goat. Dad only raised things we could eat. After highschool I started going to JCC and moved to Watertown. I’m working toward becoming a physical therapist, but currently I work at Paulie’s Gym.” Chloe found her voice catching and swallowed.
“You ok, Hon?”
“Yeah…” Chloe bit her lip then said, “Paul turned into one of those crazies. I fell down a flight of stairs running from him. It’s how I sprained my ankle.”
“Oh, Honey, I’m sorry.”
Chloe shook her head, “Let’s not talk about it, please.”
“Ok.” Sofia pulled some plates from the cabinet and began setting the table. “I used to be a kindergarten teacher, but decided to stay home with the kids after Maria was born. Rob’s run the farm since his parents passed, it’s enough to make ends meet and keep us happy. Luke used his inheritance to buy that monster of a truck and is on the road most the time.” Sofia shrugged, and added, “But he enjoys it. Makes it hard for him to find a good girlfriend though.” Giving Chloe a wink she turned back to the stove.
Feeling her face get hot, Chloe changed the subject. “Are you sure you don’t need any help?”
“Mm hmm.”
Before she could say anything else Maria skipped back into the kitchen, announcing,“I sit next to Chlo-wee.”
Sofia didn’t turn around, but replied. “Ok get your seat.”
The little girl grabbed a pink booster seat from the corner and put it in the chair next to Chloe, then scrambled up into it. “I’m five, my teacher at school says I’m small for my age.”
Smiling Chloe said, “I’m twenty-one and small for my age too.”
Maria grinned, “Mommy says I’m still growing, are you still growing?”
Shaking her head, Chloe replied, “Nope. This is as tall as I’ll ever be, but that’s ok cause I’m still bigger than my brothers.”
“I’m not bigger than my brother.”
“And you never will be squirt.” A pimpled faced teen with shaggy sandy blond hair entered the room and flopped down in a chair. He looked at Chloe, and his hazel eye’s grew wide. “Holy crap! You’re Chloe “The Poison Pixie” Parker.” He jumped back up and raced out of the room, bumping into Robin and Luke on the way.
“What’s with him?” Rob asked, entering the kitchen.
Sofia set the bowl of spaghetti on the table. “I have no idea.”
“Um, Does RJ like roller derby?” Chloe asked quietly as Luke sat down on her other side.
Luke’s eyebrows shot up and he glanced at his brother. “Oh right.”
RJ reappeared carrying a calendar, “I knew it.” He crowed holding the calendar up.
Chloe groaned, she knew that stupid calendar would come back to bite her in the butt, sooner or later. It had been a fundraiser for the Black River Babes. Thankfully it wasn’t super riskie. The girls had dressed her like a roller derby Tinker Bell. A sparkly green mini skirt, a green halter top, fishnets and skates topped of with a pair of sequined fairy wings. Like on derby nights she’d streaked her hair with green and purple.
“So you weren’t joking about the roller derby.” Luke said, snatching the calendar from his nephew.
“Enough!” Sofia took the calendar from Luke. “It’s dinnertime, you can discuss this after we eat.”
Everyone quieted and sat down. As Sofia began doling out the spaghetti Maria tugged on Chloe’s shirt. “Are you really a pixie? Is that why you're so short?”
On her other side, Luke chuckled. Chloe ignored him and replied, “no, hon, it’s just a nickname.”
“Aww it would have been cool if you were a pixie.”

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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