Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 3 - Part 2

Chloe smiled, heading into the kitchen, she found the ice pack and returned to the couch flopping down. Propping her foot on the pile she snatched up the remote and turned on the T.V.. A sick feeling came over her as the screen filled with chaos. People fighting, many shuffling in nothing but hospital gowns. The pale sickly looking folks, were overpowering and biting into anything that moved. Their faces were contorted in anger, as if furious with the world.
The news reporter, started talking. “This is coverage of what is currently happening all over the of the city of Watertown. Officials are asking you to remain in your homes, or wherever you are currently located. There is a travel ban in effect for all of New York State. If you are trapped in your vehicle, try to stay put as military, police, and emergency personnel will find and help you.”
“Not sure I want the help they're willing to give.” She muttered to herself remembering the soldiers. Pulling out her phone she tried calling her brother’s but got only a busy signal. She tried her parents with the same result. Failing to contact her family, she dialed her roommate April.
The other woman picked up on the first ring, “Topher.”
“No. It’s Chloe. Are you ok?”
“Yes, no. Someone tried to bite me Chlo. I was out for my morning run, just after you left for work and this cannibal attacked me. I used those moves you showed me to get him off, and ran back to the apartment, but they’re everywhere. I saw Karen, the woman in 4B stumbling around in just a bathrobe. Outside. And they keep biting people. I called Topher, and he’s coming to get me. I told you he still cared, it was just an act. He was just playing hard to get.”
“Great, Hon, but check your delusions at the door. This is not a date, these things are dangerous. Paul turned into one and attacked me.”
April gasped, “oh poor Paulie. Wait are you ok?”
“Yeah just a sprained ankle.”
“Where are you? Not at work, the square is like the worst place to be right now.”
“No, I’m safe…” The phone cut out, dropping the call. “Damn it.” The door opened, making Chloe jumped, as Luke and a very pregnant dark haired woman entered.
“Hey, Chloe this is my sister-in-law Sofia. Sofi, Chloe.” Luke said, gesturing with his chin between the women. He was carrying several grocery store bags and Sofia was holding what looked to be some sort of soup.
“Hi, I’d sit up but…” Chloe pointed to her ankle.
“Oh don’t bother, Luke told us the whole story and you just rest. I bought some homemade chicken soup and we gave Luke some groceries. He’s never home and usually mooches off us when he is.”
“That is not true.”
Sofia followed him to the kitchen and placed the soup on the counter. “Protein powder, and energy bars don’t make a meal.”
Chloe grinned, “sometimes they can.”
Luke shot her a smile, and Sofia tossed her hands in the air. “Oh Lord another one.” Yet Chloe noticed a smile on Sofia’s lips as she placed the soup in the microwave.
Their attention was drawn to the T.V. as it announced a News Flash from FOX. A haggard looking anchor appeared on the screen. “There have been new developments in the recent biological attack. People who were previously considered dead have come back to life in an animated, catatonic state. If approached these people become extremely violent, attacking unprovoked. At this time doctors theorize that the virus slows heart and respiratory function, mimicking death. In this state oxygen is unable to be transported, causing damage to parts of the brain. At this time, researchers are still looking into what this virus is and why it causes this to happen. We will continue to bring you up to the minute coverage as we know more.”
The screen flashed to a local reporter looking just as unkempt. “This is coverage of what is happening all over the of the city of Watertown. Please be warned it's of a graphic nature.” The screen filled with a video of people running and screaming outside the Dulles State Office Building in Watertown. Sickly looking people wander around half dressed and in some cases naked attacking anyone unlike themselves. The camera panned in on a woman jumping a police officer, biting his neck as two other men grabbed his arms dragging him to the ground.
“Oh God.” Sofia moaned sinking into a chair at the kitchen table. “This is bad, really bad.”
Luke moved to her side, rubbing Sofia’s back. “We’ll be fine way out here. It’ll be over before you know it.”
Chloe glanced back to the T.V. and hoped he was right.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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