Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Survivalistas- Book 4: Chloe- Chapter 6 - Part 1

Chapter 6
“I don’t like or trust that guy.” Chloe muttered jerking her thumb toward the truck following them.
“Hon, I don’t think anyone really likes Roy, they just tolerate him.”
Chloe huffed and frowned at him, as they pulled into the farm’s driveway. Parking and turning off the engine, Luke slid out with Chloe right behind him.
“Would you run in and get Rob, so I can keep an eye on these guys?” Luke asked as she climbed out of the truck.
“Sure.” She jogged to the house and entered through the kitchen door to find Rob already pulling on his coat. “So here’s the quick version in order to get the stuff we needed Luke had to barter a cow to this yahoo named Roy and his gang of douchecanoes who took over the Wally World.”
Rob nodded, then asked. “You got what we need for the kids and new arrivals?”
“I hope so.”
“Good because the babies are getting impatient. I had to force Sofia to go lay down. I think she’s having contractions, but playing them off as braxton hicks.”
“Ok go on, I’ll get RJ to help me unload the truck. While you get rid of the stooges.”
Rob smiled and yelled, “RJ get down here, Chloe needs your help.” With a wink he headed out the door. Seconds later there was the thumping of feet running down the stairs and a moment later RJ appeared in the doorway.
Chloe smiled, at him. “I need help bring the supplies in.”
“Sure thing.” He moved to the pile of shoes next to the door and dug out a pair of ratty sneakers. Jamming them on his feet, he grabbed his coat and pointed to the door. “Ladies first.”
Outside Chloe paused to watch the men, shake hands then walk toward the barn. Luke and Robin didn’t look to happy, but Roy seemed overly pleased with himself.

Author's Note: Unedited Version

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