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So you'd like to know about lil' ole me... well there's not much to tell. I'm pretty boring. I live in upstate NY, I'm a married, with two kids J is my eldest and only daughter, C or Little Man is the youngest as you can probably gather he's a boy. I am married to a wonderful man DK or Hubby, and have been together 14 years, 13 of them in married heck bliss.
When I'm not chasing, waiting on or generally being a slave to one of the three mentioned above, I am Bartack Supervisor at a bathing suit factory. Basically I'm chained (not literally) to a sewing machine cranking out bathing suits. Yes that is my day job.
I write when I can (or the mood strikes me). I have lots of hobbies, from making jewelry to hiking mountains. My attention tends to wander a lot so I distracted pretty easily and love trying new things.

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